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10 signs that show you are no longer interested in your partner – If you notice #8, just walk away

Ever wanted to know the signs that show if you are drifting away from your partner? Ever wanted to know the time to call it quit or work harder to sustain your relationship? Well, this article from Natasha Ivanovic, is not only insightful but also a must read for you.

As relationships continue, the attraction at some point may fade. For some, the attraction will last years and years before fading. For others, it’ll be sooner than expected. We get into our routines and things feel stagnant. This feeling of stagnation is what leads to a loss of attraction.

Of course, we would all like our relationships to feel like the very first time we met our partner. Where we feel butterflies and can’t keep our hands off each other. This is a high level of attraction, and it’s what makes us want to continue seeing the person. 

The signs you have a loss of attraction for your partner

You may be asking yourself why? Well, as you grow as a person and an individual, your relationship keeps going strong. This is because you’re learning and experiencing new things together. But in this case, there could also be a loss of attraction. Where you simply don’t feel that connection as you once did.

Listen, no one said love was easy, and there’s certainly no equation to it. But what you do need to understand is if you’re feeling a loss of attraction. That way, you’ll know the next step you need to take. Love is a battlefield.

1.  When they go out, you don’t care. They’re going out to the club with their friends and when you were all goo-goo eyed for them, you would be freaking out at home, texting them a thousand times throughout the night. But now, they could go to a strip club and you wouldn’t blink an eye. In fact, you just don’t care what they do when they go out. 

2. Everything about them annoys you. Before, you loved the way they’d slurp when eating soup or the way they hugged you, but now, everything they do bothers you. You can’t handle the way they look at you, how they speak or dress, for you, you can’t take it anymore. But is this just a mask for something deeper? Does this mean it’s over or are you able to move past this? 



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