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What guys think impresses women but actually doesn’t – Guys get in here NOW!

Truth is, women are complicated, I mean, so very complicated, so for most, what works for A may not work for B, but we can guarantee that a large percentage of the woman-race go by the things laid down here. So, grab a popcorn and go through this article as serious and open minded as possible. After reading this revealing article by Danielle Anne, you’d definitely get to know what really matters these days. 

Men have this preconceived notion about what women want, but they fail to realize that times have changed. Women are more intuitive and are starting to need more than just superficial things from a man.

So what makes a man attractive? You could say his looks, his social status or even his bank account, but those are just temporary attributes that have no permanent life span. Looks wane. Social standings decline. Money disappears… really quickly, I might add.

It’s hard to forget that those things used to make the world revolve. People were so close-minded, that the only thing they saw were the superficial aspects of a human being. These days, those things don’t hold much importance.

Unfortunately, some men still believe that they can manipulate women into liking them by pulling out all the stops on the things they think will impress us. Well, I’ve got news for you, boys. Women have changed and they’ve learned how to speak up and tell you what they really want.

Unfortunately for men, the things that they thought could impress women are now merely signs of frivolity and materialism that women want nothing to do with. Women find these things entertaining and pleasurable, but they rarely choose a partner for those things alone. If you use these things as obvious bait, the whole situation could even backfire.

The things that don’t really impress women anymore

For you to understand what I’m getting at, let me explain what impresses women the least and why:

#1 Money. For a gold-digger desperate for a shiny hand-out, money will never fail to impress. For a woman who can hold her own and survive without a man, money is useless.

If you have money, she will acknowledge that fact and move on to what matters most – your character. Having money can actually be a downside if you can’t show her that you are responsible about dividing your time between making money and having a relationship.

#2 Muscles. I’m impressed by a man’s drive to commit to a healthy and fit lifestyle for the good of his own well-being, but lifting weights just to impress a girl is basically the same as going on a diet to impress a guy. I can never be proud of either of those.

It’s sad how you have to model your image into something that you think another person likes. Muscles are nice to look at, but that’s all there is to it. A girl will like what she sees, but you have to talk to her and spend time with her. I doubt your muscles would be able to contribute much to the relationship then.



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