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Side Chick who is a Spirit, visits her lover in his office then disappears right in front of staff (Photos)

A while back, a guy shared the most horrific story I heard in a very long time, a story that would give you the creeps. The twitter user claims that it is a real life story and happened right in front of him, in his firm.

Yesterday being his boss’ birthday, their office got a very unusual visitor. A visitor who would eventually make all of them run helter-skelter out of the building.

According to him, his boss, thinking that his wife and daughters wouldn’t make it to his office for a birthday party, he decided not to celebrate his “D” day like he normally did in previous years, but just as his staff all gathered to wish him well, a beautiful looking lady walked into his office with a cake and food to celebrate their boss.

When the boss saw her, he was visibly distressed. At this point, staff understood she was the man’s side chic.

Just as the boss was scolding his side chic for coming to his office, the man’s wife and daughters, who were in town without his knowledge to surprise him, came in bearing gifts too. When they saw the side chic, they were in shock.

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But the daughters were not just shocked, they were scared and shaking. They then explained that the lady is dead already. Immediately they mentioned this, the lady disappeared in front of everyone, sending the office into chaos as everyone ran in different directions.

Read the shocking story for yourself as shared on Twitter:


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