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11 ways to get any girl you want – #10 is all that matters

Ever thought how other guys get girls easily? I mean, why that not so looking guy-friend of yours have so many ladies flocking around him, while you are just there chilling all by yourself and don’t have any options, no one to really connect with, and worse still, your first dates never turn to 2, 3 or even 1.5 date.. Well, say no more, because, this article by Samantha Ann will make you know how to make ladies fall hopelessly in like/love with you.

What does it mean to be a gentleman?

Being a gentleman does not mean you are wimpy or overly-sensitive. It does not make you weak or less macho. In fact, being a gentleman gives you a leg up.

A gentleman is a chivalrous, polite, and honorable man. These characteristics that make up a gentleman are more than hand-holding and being courteous. They include a proper sense of right and wrong, tolerance, and respect for everyone.

So although you may want to learn how to be a gentleman in the realm of dating, becoming a real gentleman goes far beyond that and takes effect in all part of your life. 

How to be a gentleman

What are some things you can do, say, or change in order to be a gentleman? Odds are you aren’t the opposite of a gentleman now, at least I hope not. So you aren’t starting from scratch.

You have the ability to be a gentleman inside of you. You just have to know what to do in order to bring it out. And before we get into it, be sure you are not simply acting like a gentleman. A gentleman is not just polite but is also sincere and genuine with that chivalry.

#1 Put in the effort. Being a gentleman isn’t about having the ideal wardrobe, it is about what you do with the one you have. I love jeans as much as the next person, but if you are going to meet your girlfriend’s parents, you may want to put in that extra bit of effort with some nice ironed slacks.

Bring flowers for her mother and maybe wine or scotch for her father. It is about making a good first impression and you never go to someone’s house empty-handed. Think back to shows like The Brady Bunch, what would the Brady boys do? Making that extra effort isn’t showing off, it is showing your intentions and thoughtfulness. 

#2 Notice when the moment strikes. You know in a movie when the girl says, “Oh what a gentleman.” Isn’t that the moment you want? Well, you can have it. And once you get the hang of it, it will become like a second nature.

When it is raining, offer to share your umbrella with a woman lacking one. Offer to help someone struggling to load their car. Reach something off a high shelf. Be aware of those around you that could use a gentlemanly act. Being a gentleman is all about helping others, not just yourself. 



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