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11 ways to get any girl you want – #10 is all that matters

#8 Make the first move. Making the first move does not have to be aggressive or pushy. In fact, it is romantic and endearing. It shows you are a risk taker, but that you can also read the situation.

Being able to make the first move portrays confidence and shows initiative. Think Noah in The Notebook. He climbed a Ferris wheel to ask Allie on a date, then asked her to dance in the street. *SWOON*

#9 Be understanding. Part of being a gentleman is being a spectacular listener. And that doesn’t mean being silent while the other person, especially a woman, speaks.

That means actually absorbing what others are saying so that you can give an appropriate and thoughtful response. Being sympathetic to others’ situations mean actually understanding where they are coming from.

#10 Keep your word. I know I already said that gentlemen never lie, but keeping your word is different. No one intends to break their word when they give it, but it tends to happen. A gentleman doesn’t let it.

If a gentleman makes a promise or gives someone their word, they find a way to keep it and know that from the moment they initiate it.

#11 Be prepared and punctual. A gentleman is always thinking. That does not mean you have to be a boy scout, but having an emergency kit in your trunk and knowing how to fix a flat tire can’t hurt.

Gentlemen are also punctual. You aren’t late for dates or work. You think ahead and plan accordingly. 

By SAMANTHA ANN, Lovepanky



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