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10 crucial rules to know before visiting Dubai – Take note of #4 & #8 or you get yourself into SERIOUS trouble (Photos)


8 Not too much PDA in public

rules to know before visiting Dubai
Nigerian couple in Dubai

Again, this does not apply to private resorts or hotels because they cater to their guests from other countries. But if you are just walking around Dubai outside of a resort, it is best to not kiss your partner. Not only is it not allowed, but you can spend some time in jail for that little act of love. If anything, you should avoid all physical contact completely. It’s not just kissing, but also holding hands and cuddling are considered to be unlawful in public. It’s best to just be careful when you are traveling in another country; you don’t want to end up in jail because you could wait to kiss your partner.

7 Be mindful of religious holidays

rules to know before visiting Dubai
Sallah holiday

When you are traveling to Dubai, you must be aware of Ramadan in Dubai which is their holy month. It changes every year but for 2018, it was in May. If you choose to travel during this time, then you have to be aware that you cannot drink, chew gum, eat, or smoke in public in daylight when you are out in public. Just because you don’t believe in the tradition of the Holy month doesn’t mean you don’t have to respect the traditions that are going on in another country. Nothing is permitted to go into your mouth between sunrise and sunset during that time.

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