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15 IMPORTANT life lessons to learn from oil tycoon, Femi Otedola – See how he went flat broke and became a billionaire again (Photos)

Femi Otedola is an household name in Nigeria that is often regarded as a wealthy man. Of course he is but many didn’t know that 2016 was quite a rough year for the Nigerian billionaire. Mr. Femi Otedola, Chairman of Forte Oil, also has a lot to share after he bounced back from his debt and financial troubles. Read through these steps and apply whichever works for you, it is not everyday we have a man from the top 3% wealthy people in Nigeria dish out vital information as these. Here are 15 things you can learn from his interview:

Femi Otedola, Nana Otedola
Femi Otedola and wife Nana Otedola

1 You cannot compete with Destiny

For most religions, the concept of destiny is something that is strongly embraced and Mr. Otedola is certainly no stranger to this concept. As he puts it, he is “A guy that has come to this world without knowing how he has come into the world and a guy that believes that you cannot compete with destiny”.

2 It’s never too early to start in business

For most people, starting a business venture is something that takes years of maturity, planning and experience but not for this billionaire oil tycoon. Otedola started his first business at the age of 6 years old providing manicure and pedicure services to his father and his friends and billing them. How many of you can recall what you were doing at 6 years old?

3 Let there be Oil!

According to Otedola, the decision to go into the oil business was “spiritual” and had nothing to do with him. He was simply following his chart in life and what God had destined him to be. Where will following your chart take you?

4 Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes

One day Otedola’s daughter was asked in class what her father did for a living to which she responded, “My father sleeps”. According to the mogul, that was all the motivation he needed to stop staying at home and living off his 30% interest per month he was enjoying from the banks.



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