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Early signs you are in a bad relationship – Run away if you ever feel #10

#3 Your family doesn’t like them. Most of your family members can tell if someone is treating you right just by how you act. If they have issues with the guy, it’s for a reason. Pay attention to your family and even ask them what they think. Some may not even be shy about telling you how they feel.

#4 Their family doesn’t like you. Normally with bad relationships, both people are to blame. This may be evident with the way their family treats you. You might think you’re being great to them but if their family is showing you otherwise, it’s time to do some self-reflecting.

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#5 You don’t prioritise each other. If you’re in a relationship, your partner should be your priority. Of course you have other things to worry about, but they should still be toward the top of the list. If you’re both ignoring each other and not respecting that prioritisation, things will never be good for you.

#6 You hardly do nice things for one another. In a healthy relationship, your goal is to always make each other happy. When you stop doing those things, something is wrong. You can’t be with someone if you don’t even want to do nice things for them.

#7 You don’t appreciate the stuff you actually do for each other. When you actually do stuff that’s sweet and kind, neither of you appreciates when the other person does it. When you come to expect nice things and never acknowledge that they’re done, you’re not grateful. Being ungrateful is not healthy. 



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