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Effective ways to make your marriage a success, love stronger and your home peaceful – No. 10 is all that matters

A friend of mine told me that he is scared of settling down because of the rate at which couples are getting a divorce. Though it is indeed worrisome, but one thing is for sure, marriages built on genuine love and trust would definitely not crash. In marriages, it takes two parties to make things right. Commitment, understanding, trust, willingness to let go of things and hurt easily and of course patience amongst others is needed to sustain a happy and peaceful home.

So the question is, what goes wrong in homes which were scattered? Well, this article will help you put things into perspective and also let you in in secrets you  never knew.

Marriage built on these key points, can’t be broken. It just can’t!

Setting a marriage on the right path is the dream of every couple. To make this possible, the following tips are helpful:

Maintain the Spark of Attraction: 

This means maintaining the first spark that attracted both of you to each other. Usually, this is on a physical basis therefore, always ensure you look and smell good. Never assume that since you have been married for a good number of years, he/she no longer cares about your looks. This is a lie that should be disregarded.

Put your Spouse First: 

Marriage is for better or for worse. This means that your spouse is and should be the most important person in your life. In everything you do – decisions and actions, make sure you put your partner at the front burner.

Even if it is a job that is threatening your relationship, leave it. At the end of the day, your spouse is all you have got.


In a world of information technology (IT), access, some couples now depend on the social media to communicate, especially while at work. This should however not come in the way of face to face communication. Nothing beats face to to face communication because body contacts, languages and feelings etc are genuinely seen and shared freely.

Hear, but also Listen:

In every marriage, it is always advised to hear what is being said but also to listen to what is being said and not said. Most times, we fail to truly understand what the other partner is trying to say because we do not listen and are only interested in getting our words out. Learn to listen to your partner. Remember, men too like to be listened to, this does not only apply to the women.

Do not Let the Children Put a Strain on your Marriage: 

Having kids is usually the high point of every marriage. After having them, remember you still have your partner. Do not let having the children and raising them cause a rift between both of you.



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