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If the guy you love has these traits, do not leave him, I repeat, DON’T!

2. Honesty

Obviously! But this is priority number one. Do not pass go without honesty, the simple ability to tell the truth, and an internal prohibition against lying.

An internal prohibition against lying is different than simply knowing when to follow the rules.

Toddlers need to have an external prohibition against lying in order to keep them from getting into trouble. If we mature properly, we internalize this as a moral compass.

Honesty is a compass that guides a healthy relationship, so prize it accordingly!

1. Integrity

Integrity includes, but is not limited to, honesty. Honesty is the ability to tell the truth, but integrity is the ability to live by your truth.

The reason this is as important as honesty, is that it indicates a congruence and stability within the personality that cues many, many other rewards over time.

People who live with integrity are dependable, reliable, and just. They have principles they will stand by, so you always know where they stand.

A person with integrity also values themselves, so will possess a healthy (not narcissistic) confidence, and instill confidence in you, as well. This eliminates a lot of guess work in relationships, and leads directly to the next non-negotiable …

Of course, there are many more qualities and personality traits that are important to look for in a man.

Some are and should be personal to you, your value system, and your life path.

However, these four specific traits are integral to the ability to create a healthy, secure, vibrant partnership that you will still enjoy decades down the road. They are the foundation of healthy potential.

So, if you can say yes, your guy possesses these four personality traits, think thrice before letting him go!

By Dr. Perrin Elisha, yourtango.



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