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I feel confused, free but guilty because my mum has been crying after confessing I’m Gay – Dan Yomi


Dan Yomi, Bournemouth University’s first Nigerian Student Union president took to his Social Media page to reveal how he feels after making the public know about his sexuality last week. According to him, he feels confused, free and guilty for making his mum cry. He also made it known that he always preached against homosexuality in public so as to cover his face, but in private, he’d masturbate to gay-porn. 

In his own words;

Where do I start ……For years I’ve been struggling with what I initially thought was a demon inside me or like some will call it, a disease. A struggle no one knew about except close friends who were either like me or allies I could confide in…and these included people in church.

As someone who was raised in a Christian home, I was nurtured by amazing parents who wanted nothing but the best for their last son aka ‘last card’ lol. They ensured my steps(and that of my siblings) were ‘ordered in the way of the Lord’. I was taught to be honest, forgiving and supportive…most of all, my parents gave me access to education.

We attended a conservative church every Sunday, one with doctrines that were aimed at not just preparing its members for heaven, but also live a ‘fulfilled life whilst on earth’.

I started from joining the children Sunday school to learning how to sing and play three different musical instruments(Violin, Flute and Keyboard), ..I was a senior member of the Choir and Orchestra and I loved every bit of it and was also loved by many because of it…in fact, this was and still is the best part of religion for me.

But in all of this, I was struggling with my sexuality and the worst part was there was no one to talk to about it. Having these type of feelings (within a religion that has always been used to dehumanise marginalised communities which included the lgbt community) was a taboo, an embarrassment and a huge shame.

I remember crying in my room after every church service for God to change me, I’d prayed, fasted and even tried taking my life twice because of what people would say if they found out the son of a highly known preacher was gay…the damage to my family’s reputation…the shock for those who looked up to me and wanted to be like me…all hell would break loose. I was living for everyone else but me …I’d placed and valued the opinions of people who don’t even know me or cared about me over my life, happiness and overall existence.”

Here is his recent tweet:

Dan Yomi's tweet
Dan Yomi’s tweet

His Whatsapp message to family:

Dan Yomi message to family on whatsapp
Dan Yomi message to family on whatsapp

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