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Who is bigger now? I have three kids and she has none – Timaya shades Empress Njamah and reveals secret

Timaya is in the news again, but this time, the Egberipapa one of Bayelsa is coming out hot, not from releasing beautiful music but for subtly dissing his ex, Empress Njamah and slightly revealing a secret we never knew. During a chat with Daddy Freeze in his mansion, Timaya talked about his “then relationship” with the actress and how things worked for his favour.

Timaya plays with daughter
Timaya plays with daughter

Timaya, speaking with controversial radio host, Daddy Freeze, revealed why he forcefully took the car he gifted to Empress and how he thought his life was over without her.

He revealed that the car he gifted to the actress wasn’t even bought by him, but was given to him by a female fan – Hmmmm! 

According to him, he had given Empress money to buy a car for herself but she never did and kept using his cars, then he had to gift her one from his garage, and that happened to be the one a female fan bought for him.

Old relationship photo of Timaya and Empress Njamah after...
Old relationship photo of Timaya and Empress Njamah after…

Timaya further claimed the lady who gifted him the car was annoyed and told him if he didn’t want to drive it (as he had bigger cars), he should return it.

He said then he and Empress broke up but he never thought about retrieving the car because he felt they were getting back together and it was just a normal lover’s quarrel.

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However, to his surprise, Empress refused to return to him, despite his pleas. So he was forced to go and try to take the car from her in church. He revealed he had the spare key and when he tried to drive out, church elders confronted him.

Empress Njamah on movie set
Empress Njamah on movie set

According to Timaya, he finally took back the car after intervention from some Navy personnel.

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He went on to shade her saying, at that moment, he felt his life was almost over.But in his words ”Who’s bigger now?””. He also alluded to the fact he is not saying he is bigger just in terms of money, but  that he has three kids while she has none.

However, somewhere in the interview, he acknowledged, she was more like a wife to him as she was the one who made him settle in Lagos, even choose his first house and took him everywhere he needed to be.

What is your take on this?

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  1. Chinwe Eyisi says

    Timaya y nah u r too big for this pls

  2. Obianuju Destiny says

    Guy i didn’t expect this from u oo,u don’t need this bro,u are far bigger than this shit,abeg free Empress,remember u are not God,she can have three or even more all at once,so pls don’t not have moved on,let her move on too. Simple.

  3. Sandra Ogboh says

    Hummm only if you know what God has in-stock for her

  4. Ufuoma Aruviome says

    Even with your three kids,you are still not a happy man,happiness cannot be bought

  5. Sarah Ishaya says

    Hmmmmm & so fuckin what,if u want to die Plsss kindly die with the kids & go to either hell or heaven, children are not criteria for making heaven wat ever u ve on earth ends here on earth so.Plsss don’t mock her with kids u are not God, remember God can decide to take all the 3 & u are back to square one ,3 kids from different women & u are still bragging don’t allow God to teach u a lesson Plsss, grow up timaya

  6. Olohi Ovbude says

    E is just fooling himself……….

  7. Blessing Offong says

    Only if you know what God has in stock for her

  8. Juliet Ogor says

    You are a fool

  9. Ify Francis Precious says

    Stop fooling yourself Mr Timaya

  10. Udara Oma says

    Timaya is too late to cry..she dumped you for a better life ,and she is doing very well,,why can’t you forget about her sweet sexy romances,,. Get married if you are a good man idiot having kids out of wedlock is by choice. You choose to and she does as well. So stop being childish why can’t you forget about her..idiot

  11. Chyke Cruz says

    This is a fake news…..timaya can’t say such a thing

  12. Emem Okono says

    The truth is, Timaya still has feelings for d beautiful actress{Empress}, he’s only trying to console himself with the kids which doesn’t still make him fulfilled.

    Guy, grow up and ask her to marry you because it’s obvious that’s where your heart is.

  13. Jessica Jessika says

    Bros it is not by having kids, just say you still love her simple will understand

  14. Lenora Greatness says

    Ah ah this is a sign shows that the break up is still paining timaya now, if you are really okay with your three kids then u won’t be talking about her like this, she is okay n doing better than you that’s why she don’t talk about you or cheap into ur matter, she ain’t give a fuck about u and ur kids cos she has forgotten about you, so timaya I will advice you to respect your self more, timaya u be my brother but no dey fall ur hand like this, u know u are doing the wrong thing.

  15. Okpara Chinwe says

    Hand work of weed

  16. Dolcetti Annabel says

    Timaya why??? That word is too bad my brother nobody knows 2morrow, I don’t pray for bad things to happen to you, because I like you so much but this word you just voice out is very raw! You should have remember the good times nd swallow something, as you said she was like a wife to you, she showed you lagos nd choose your 1st house for you, is not by having kids makes you a Father, to me I think you ‘re too big for this. This is one thing I don’t like about some celebrity like you, money don make most of who na crazy…. with the way I am seeing with things with you now if this same was the mother of those 3kids you should have been the happiest man on earth bcos you loved her,….. THERE ARE PEOPLE YOU WANT TO STAY WITH OKAY

  17. Ray Shama says

    This Timaya dey fall my hand, big body with empty brain.too childish mtchewwww

  18. Tea Bae says

    that’s never how he said it, stop twisting his words. I watched that video between him and daddy freeze

  19. Alheri Yakubu Gizaki says

    I will not marry cause Jesus didn’t, I have 3kids and Empress has non. If u are still in love with her tell us, cause we are your social media in-laws and if NO! then grow up and be a man stop this drama. Nonsense and wiskid fever

  20. Tessy David says

    Timaya tomorrow is pregnant, please don’t mock anyone.

  21. Samuel Jones says

    Dis 1 na pants business shaa, who cares?

  22. Freda Chikwai says

    Its God that gives children
    Empress will have children at the appointed time
    Don’t laugh at the other
    Nobody knows tomorrow
    But I guess this guy still have feelings for Empress.

  23. Rita David says

    U be God grow up timaya leave her alone we love her like that goat

  24. Kulu Salam Abubakar says

    Stupid talk, are you God Timaya.

  25. Tha Baller says

    Oga Timaya u’re begging to talk plenty recently. Let ur past be ur past

  26. Samuel Jones says

    Dis 1 na pants business shaa, who cares!

  27. Kaizer Esi says

    U called davido a child but he would never talk about his ex like u always do.u left her so why can’t u let the poor lady be and move on with your immaturity life style u living

  28. Favour Samuel says

    OGA,, person wen big pass MAN, No big pass GOD, pls watch ur tongue.. besides anything can happen at anytime..

  29. Ovonomo Evaresta Osiah says

    So I should kill all the guy I dated and now they have kids and I don’t so they would not talk like Timaya….

  30. Maryann Uche says

    I never liked timaya .now see more reason why I shouldn’t ever like him .he’s not sensible. Why would empress in the first place give in for timaya. He sings yeye songs .

  31. Boansi Mary says


  32. Victor Ambrose says

    Timaya your mother must hear this

  33. Olagunju Jemimah says

    Has DNA confirm that

  34. Emmanuel Okaria says

    Social media people how sure are u people that he is the one that make such comment?

  35. Kalu Joy Uchechukwu says

    … empress should go and become a baby mama????????
    Timaya is seriously not making much sense these days

  36. Onajite Urhoboghara says

    And so

  37. Amarachi John says

    This timaya is just big for nothing

  38. Emmanuella Oguledo says


  39. Uwem Udo Udo says

    Keep multiplying

  40. Halima Ene Oneden says

    Very stupid of you to said that, she doesn’t want you she doesn’t want your stupid Ass cause you are and still an ass hoe !!!

  41. Agbaje Segun says

    Fake news

  42. Ada Pakerson Emele says

    Money aside…
    Having 3 baby mama’s is not an achievement,
    Bia Timaya, wise up and think like a matured reasonable man.

  43. Ayi Loveth says

    Mr Timaya, u having 3 kids and she having none does not make u much of a man than her who was more than a WIFE to u. Lately u talked about Jesus never having a wife, did ur Bible also quoted where Jesus had mocked people?? I guess not. So please be mindful of ur choice for words.

  44. Ojini Fabzinski Chibuzor says

    But is she fighting you? If no, then why all this

  45. Kate Williams says

    If you keep talking about her….. , then you still in love with her.

  46. Chibuzo Stan Chiaghana says

    Ladies of rage. This one pain una shaa. Who knows if the media twisted the story.

  47. Efah Onos says

    Don’t mock big man, there is time for everything.

  48. Mek says

    Join our telegram forum for mobile discussions

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