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20 places to buy cheap & quality clothes in Nigeria – Even the classy boutiques you patronize buy from these places

Where to buy cheap clothes: The basic human needs have been classified into three: food, shelter and clothing. Clothing is one of the most important aspects of life, we humans need to clothe ourselves in order to prevent our bodies from harsh weather conditions and largely because we all can’t move around naked. Because the demand for clothes is constantly high, this article serves as directory for shopping for affordable clothes in Nigeria. Many term clothes purchased from these locations as “OK” (If you’re wondering what OK means, it is just an acronym for “Okrika”).

Don’t be deceived, many of your designers claiming to be shopping in Dubai, Turkey and other international fashion hubs are most times getting their fabrics from Yaba market phase 2 or the infamous Balogun market. There are many places to find good clothes at a very cheap rate, I will list them below:

Location: Aba

ABA a town located in Abia state, south eastern Nigeria is one of the major the hub of commercial activities. There is no fashion accessory that cannot be replicated in aba, it has five major markets where you can shop at an affordable rate. Popularly known Enyimba city, Aba is Nigeria’s Japan.

1. Ariaria international market, Aba

Ariaria international market is the biggest market in aba, there is almost nothing you can’t find here. It is divided into many segments according to products; it is a crowded market where you can purchase any clothing item of your choice at very cheap rates.

2. New market ngwa road, Aba

New market ngwa road, though not as large as ariaria is also a reputable market noted for large sales of second hand clothing. Here you can get second hand clothes for as low as hundred naira.

3. Cemetery market, Aba

Cemetery market is the importers market in aba, here you will find so many imported items at cheap rates including clothes.

4. Ekeoha market, Aba

Ekeoha market also called shopping centre and is one of the biggest clothing markets in africa. There is no fabric or textile you will not find in this market.

5. Nsulu market, Aba

Nsulu market also offers textile and cotton fabric at affordable rates, there lots of tailors around this market who make and design clothes for people as they purchase their fabrics.

6. School road mini market, Aba

School road mini market popularly referred to as small but mighty by indigenes is a small market preferable for the buying and selling of quality fairly used items of clothing otherwise known as okrika.




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