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6 things guys do in bed when they don’t love a lady – You are a side chick if he does No. 5 to you

Things guys do in bed when they don’t love a lady: Sometimes it’s very clear from the way a man behaves in the bedroom that he’s not particularly interested in you.  A man who loves you will rock your world, will make sure you get yours and wants you to genuinely enjoy yourself. So if he doesn’t there’s probably something very wrong somewhere, either with himself, or how he feels about you.

Here are 6 things he’ll do to you in bed that proves he doesn’t love you; 

1. He doesn’t want to partake in foreplay. 

He just wants to get going, and even where there’s foreplay it’s short lived and not too exciting.

2. He literally only lasts 10 seconds.

He doesn’t really care too much about your satisfaction, it’s all about him. So once he gets his, he’s done, and he doesn’t mind leaving you hanging.

3. He doesn’t touch you. 

Unhappy couple not talking after argument on bed at home in bedroom

Basically he does the bare minimum. He doesn’t touch you or kiss you, he doesn’t try to make the moment special.



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