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Another Nigerian lady dumps her longtime boyfriend because his mother made her peel cassava and fry Garri (Photos)


This “test” from potential mother in-laws has caused some sort of controversy on social media as many slam the act and called it barbaric, a few justified the mothers doing such. Recall that we posted a similar story yesterday (Click Here) if you missed it.

I guess the trending gist of mother-in-law serving food without meat made this Nigerian lady identified on Twitter as @Tillytate20 come out to share her own experience.

Read her full story below:

I’ve followed a guy to their house before and his mother tested me. I passed her test with flying colours. When she called me 8months later to ask why I refused to marry her son, I looked her dead in the eye and told her, I cannot marry into a poor family. God, it felt good.

This woman saw me with my long ass acrylic and asked me to peel cassava, her young daughter told her I’ve long nails, she smirked. Well, I peeled the cassava, took it to be ground and before she woke up next day, I was frying garri. She approved but I was disappointed bigly.

I was angry, because the first time, my bf brother came to my father’s house, the rumour was that they didn’t train me, I will be materialistic , I won’t be submissive. I pegged it as inferiority complex ,I didn’t know the whole family will start testing me. Very appalling.

Let me correct some stuffs.

1) we didn’t break up cos of the testing. (It contributed)

2) she called me – asked me to come see her to talk about my refusal to marry her son

3) they weren’t poor, I found out later, she got cassava to test me.

4) you can grind cassava today and fry it tomorrow.

5) I actually have a picture of this event, but I don’t care enough about twitter people to post it. so y’all can go off . And my friends on twitter have seen it.

6) I was young, present me today would never.

See more photos of the beautiful lady

Nigerian lady
Nigerian lady
Nigerian lady
Nigerian lady

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  1. Kally Cooper says

    I wonder if this one got ? in her food????or not!

  2. She is not ready, she wants readymade, husband without tears.

  3. David Joyce says

    My dear if you love the guy truly ,you will be happy that his mom allow you to get closer to the family.peeling cassava discussing with his mom will give you more confident that you are his real girl friend, for those who deserves good.

  4. Chinazor Josphine says

    They shuld also start testing d men……
    Not only d ladies….
    D other one was denyed meat..
    This one frying garri…

  5. Janet Ochayi says

    That is nonsense it obvious that getting married to the guy will subject her to such… mtcheww at least ask her to cook not peel cassava and fry garri shey nah exam

  6. NikkyLuv Emmanuel says

    Me dey vex say ma guy mom nor dey let me do anytin only 2wash plate n Cook u dey complain of comom garri

  7. Uddy Paul Edem says

    Nonsense so bcos of marriage she should peel cassava and fry

  8. Ubong Calispa says

    Stupid page, u r fun of taking people’s picture n form useless topic. Early today u posted about a girl dat refuse to eat de food dat her in-law cook n she was send packing, de girl insulted u guys for using her pix for nonsense post. Now, u av bring anoda one again. Wait de owner of de pix will come soon

  9. Kerry Francis says

    Lazy girl

  10. Vicki Joe says


  11. El Drage says

    Ori lono fun.. go

  12. Arc Mustapha Mohammed says

    Most girls now adays are good for nothing but want everything

  13. Diayi Precious says

    If my mother inlaw does it n asks if I can help her to, if I Know how to fry it, y not, infact I font know how to fry it, I will ask her to teach me. It’s beta Dan me washing goat meat n cooking soup with my to be mother inlaw n later served soup without meat while I watch others eat meat

  14. Amos Dozie Destiny says

    Then this is not heartbreaking God just deliver the guy evil ones

  15. Amos Dozie Destiny says

    Most of all these girls now cannot even use internet with slow network they all want 4G network

  16. Perpetual Mansi Amaka Nwosa says

    Na wa oooo ladies make una use una head ooooo so if ur mom ask u too do it so u will not abi dis one no make sense ooo

  17. Henry U Diala says

    Most of this girl’s are witches that’s why they hate to hear that their mother in law is alive…. Is that not wickedness?

  18. Nwamgbe Stella says

    Our girls they vex this day, what about that if I go my guy place, they will tell to follow them to farm. Have I complained

  19. Bamaiyi Olotu says

    It’s just something u do for fun as a young lady, how did it become something that would make her angry,… This generation is finished because of our unproductive girls everywhere….. Looking for fake instagram husband

  20. Stephanie Okwudi Onyinye says

    I guess she doesn’t want to work, just to enjoy abi babe you are lucky the mummy loves you even want to peel cassava for her

  21. Peter Chima says

    Stupid people, una just de take people’s picture to form useless topic. Early today u posted about a girl dat refuse to eat de food dat her in-law cook n she was send packing, de girl insulted u guys for using her pix for nonsense post. Now, u av bring anoda one again. Wait de owner of de pix will come soon. ndi ara.

  22. Anthony Gabriel says

    Our morals are lost,I pity for Men Of these Generations
    I pray women understand there is more to been a wife than Social media..
    Ladies use your head,doing such menial jobs doesn’t make u wack
    Our mothers did it,their daughters did,
    Y can’t these girls do it…
    Most girls of nowadays are good for nothing,..
    As an Igbo Man wat good,will it do me if my Wife cannot cook
    Or do some womanly activites?
    Abeg this stupidity must stop..

  23. Ekeoma Mary says

    She nva loved the guy

  24. Rita Abraham says

    In laws who were not tested are the ones testing now. A lady can pretend to be good by passing every test. But what happens after the marriage? Is she going to still be submissive? Leave your sons to do their own thing o! Which one too be this?

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