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Bride refuses to kiss groom on the altar, pushes him away (video)

In most weddings, the moment every couple looks forward to hearing is when  the groom is told to kiss the bride. Normally, when this instruction is passed out, the duo are usually eager to walk into their future with a seal of love.

Well, over time, it has been proven that this is not always the case. Some couples do not in fact get off on a good start, or better put, on a  good kiss.

A couple who are most likely Zambian by origin have set a precedence when it comes to those whose first kiss does not exactly turn out right. With the case of this newly wed people, the bride was the one that made a deliberate attempt to foil the beautiful moment.

Even before the priest commanded the groom to kiss his bride, her sober, sad expression gave her unhappiness away. She was fuming from the looks of it and she showed signs of reluctance.

Now, when the officiating minister finally instructed that the couple could kiss, the bride’s reluctance doubled and she pulled herself from her husband who was trying to hold her in his arms.

Unmoved by this, the minister gave the command again and the husband made a go at obtaining a seal of love from his new wife. This time, the newly wedded bride wasn’t ready to give in the least. She pushed off the groom from her.

Watch the video below:


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  1. Chigbo Anthony says

    Do they force her to marry him?

  2. Mikypool Poolermedia says

    bro its mouth odour that cause this one o

  3. Matilda Adora says

    Mouth odor??

  4. Kennedy Udunze says

    I bet u her ex or current guy is present there.

  5. Favour Philomina Badjam says

    Maybe the man no fin

  6. NikkyLuv Emmanuel says

    Marriage of dis days

  7. Cassandra Oma Ndulue says

    Disgusting bride……

  8. Abu Jude says

    Is by force to marry guys

  9. Nnenna Chinonso Kalu says

    Na virgin she be,y pretend?even if she hv not hv sex with him!y pretend !ugly bride so far na just yellow color save her

  10. Moses Brown Akaezuwa says

    It’s simple, she can’t withstand the mouth odour????… What do u expect from a man who can not brush is teeth yet he wants to kiss. If I where the girl I will push him more with all my power rubbish!!! ???

  11. Maud Addo says

    Why marry him?

  12. Godwin Adoli says

    When the pungent smell from the mouth is like carbad, Y she go kiss ??? mouth with soak away ODOUR ??????

  13. Eric Johnson says

    Woow shames

  14. Alveen Mukulumoya says

    Watched this video, she even pushed him the second time he tried to kiss her shame

  15. Keh Lynda says

    Lover dey around

  16. Babie Ngatas Williams says

    Kama ni mimi hiyo marriage inaishia hapo

  17. Nkechi Mgbeoduru says

    This marriage ?of a thing nowadays self, some people are getting married because of what they want to get not because of love again ooooo God help us

  18. Sunday A Dominic says

    I cancelled the marriage

  19. Samuel Jones says

    She can’t stand his mouth odour, simple.

  20. Bright Idemudia says

    This lady is a pure disgrace to herself and her family, and she think she is fooling the man, absolutely not. Why accepting the man in the first case.

  21. AYbliss Samuel says

    Mouth odour no b wayo. .

  22. Abimbola Olanrewaju says

    Y now?

  23. Fabunmi Omolara says

    Na mouth odour problem be dis

  24. Christie Obu says

    I think is because of Mouth odour .

  25. Paul Smith says

    If is mouth odour .is that day of there wedding day is the day they are meeting for the first time ?cant she know that he have a mouth odour before accept of marriy him before or what

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