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Any guy who can’t wash and lick his GF’s undies when she’s on her period is a useless man – Nigerian Girl

Just like we said earlier, these days some Nigerian girls put up stuffs on Social Media that make one wonder what is really going on in the head of our African ladies. Earlier today, we shared a post about a girl who said she prefers the Alhaji she sleeps with to use her for money rituals than her boyfriend to do same, now we have another Nigerian girl spitting fire.

Hours back, a Nigerian girl with Facebook name; Slim Beauty, took to the Social Media platform to say the most insane thing about being in a relationship. According to her, any guy who can’t wash his girlfriend’s panties, and as well, lick it when she’s having her menstrual cycle, is a useless man.  Wow!

In her own words;

Slim beauty! Any guy that cannot wash his girlfriend pant when she dey her period na useless man I will call that one If possible lick de period. Na so my billionaire boyfriend dey do me. His prick na ak49

nigerian girl period pant
nigerian girl period pant

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  1. Precious Dokubo says

    Ur papa

  2. Precious Dokubo says

    Datz disgusting

  3. Chukwukere Tochukwu Golden says

    Why trying to be famous this little rat,?
    Why trying to be known with some thing that’s isn’t relevant?
    You need Jesus in ur life .
    Receive sense in Jesus name..

  4. Denson William says

    That go to hell area that only dick is allow to visit and u want men to lick it when u r on ur period I can do it if only I have the mind to send u to hell just to make more money

  5. Ugwuanyi Nnenna Stephanie says

    Baby pls keep being useless
    I love u like that
    Just don’t listen to this lady

  6. Mwuese Thomas says

    If him wash lick am money go come??

  7. Chidube Akudinanwa says

    Destiny destroyers Girls won’t allow us to rest in this buhari nation

  8. Ukanta Preshy Ogechi says


  9. Onyenweuwa Nancy says

    See as she dey like chicken wey dem purge.
    Wash your pant press your neck there.
    Onye ara

  10. Glory C Samuel says

    Useless girl

  11. Tina Silver says

    Notice me u dnt hv talk abeg

  12. Kenneth Bessman says

    God purnish u lick watin…IDIOT

  13. Samuel Alfred says

    Guys dont blame the fish face. Her father was and still a useless man.

  14. Oluwasola Samuel Ibunkun says

    You dey die silently

  15. Ernest Simo Oriaku says

    Onye Araa

  16. Nana Nyarko Ansah says


  17. Ruth Nwalozie says

    Who be dis keleri? #nwannunu

  18. Kola Rossy says

    Don’t forget! Your Dad is a man

  19. Credible Smart says

    I support u Shea be .
    Some of dem deserve it

  20. Chris King says

    What type of nonsense is this?

  21. Mirian Ufondu says

    Dirty scary wag,tell ur bro to try it first on his gf,spoilt brat.

  22. Sucre Smith says

    God go punish u, u for kill the guy first.

  23. Nurudeen Babatunde Bashiru says

    If you “hiss ” after you read this post hit like botton

  24. Godwin Precious says

    During menses do u want to kill them, you wicked oo

  25. Mary Williams says

    If You Don;t Have Somethings To Post In Facebook Can;t You Rest?You Want Some One To See You In Fb Right?

  26. Chork Mila Obinna says

    Give that she goat 2 award 1 for being a lazy youth 2 for being stupid

  27. Chioma Uzoma says

    Agent of darkness

  28. Funck Man says

    Some guy just dey yan pata here. Some of una don eat menses as love portion….

  29. Uzoma Chiwendu says

    You are insane

  30. Alveen Mukulumoya says
  31. Godson Chuka says

    The gurl issa big FOOL oh thou daughter of undies lickers

  32. Abayomi D Goldenson says

    No problem I won’t say anything, a lady that can not lick my boxer and my anus is a useless lady… yah who stone me

  33. Obianuju Ldeh says

    Stupid girl. Destroyer

  34. ONyedika Hillary says

    Slim beauty

  35. Real Payet says
  36. Ken Newbuild says

    Give just one verse from the bible and be bless. Foolishness will lead people to where they themselves don’t won’t to be.

  37. Hauwa'u Abdulkadir says
  38. Chinomso Kelechi says

    God purnish u…. Look at this coconut head talking… So men should pick ur infections Abi…. Anu ohia

  39. Joy Chinyere Eze says

    Nothing wey pesin no fit hear for this fb

  40. Oreofe Omo Bankole Alfred says

    Dis people e have blow …..nikki fefe and co…..rubbish set of pepple

  41. Morgan Anyaso says

    Smelling thing.idiot

  42. Cristina Tatiana Dumitrescu says

    If her boyfriend was billionaire brought her a washingmachine so all this nonsense end.But how in Nigeria now is STUPID AWARD,we wait next days others nonsenses just to see who will be QUEEN OF STUPIDS THERE.Heavy competition will be

  43. Winnie Mandela Cann says

    Says a girl who looks like last week Friday ??

  44. Omo Chioma says

    Theinfong u guys are really sick. If you want traffic why dont u do more creative stories

  45. Bax Kujabi says

    God forbid

  46. Henry Uche Sebastain says

    Your father is a uselsss man, dat y Nigeria nor Dey move forward cos of mad people like u .. ??? Go tel ur papa make him come lick ur way .

  47. Samuel Jones says

    Useless girl

  48. Barnabas Saavielong says

    Y not do it ursef cinse it’s ur smelly dirty gutter

  49. Kolade Ogunyankin says
  50. Claire Nnadi says

    Who gives birth to these children?

  51. Janice Johnson says

    I wouldn’t share this you’re nasty that ain’t cute at all.

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