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Guy catches his GF inside a guy’s Benz after she lied she was in NYSC camp & he sent her N100K

Chai! Girls, girls girls! What really do you want? Money, commitment or love? Me and many other guys out there don tire! A Nigerian guy who witnessed what happened to a guy whilst in hold up in Lagos, has shared what transpired between the guy, his supposed lover and another guy.

Talking to his friend on Whatsapp, he shared the incident, which has since gone viral. He claimed that while he and some other passengers boarded a bus and were going to their destination, whilst caught up in hold up, he heard the guy next to him scream!

On hearing this, all passengers scared of course, the guy peeped outside the bus and screamed at the driver of a Benz, asking him to wind down the window of his car. Lo and behold, he saw what he never had bargained for that morning.

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He say his girlfriend romantically seating in front of the passenger’s seat of the Benz; a girl who lied to him she was in NYSC camp. A girl he had cuffed out N100k for few days earlier. Upon screaming and telling his story to everyone who had a listening ear, the driver of the Benz (the girl’s lover) felt bad and embarrassed, so as the girl too.

Read the conversation below;

Guy catches his Girlfriend inside a guy's Benz
Guy catches his Girlfriend inside a guy’s Benz

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  1. Spi Rit says

    Foolish and confuse girls everywhere, all they know is how to fuck and jump from one bed to the other … lazy set of fools

  2. Raffman Guilding says

    No wonda wey den dey use dem…. Bombastic Element

  3. Staces Emma says

    Some lady’s are Jos somtin else ma annoying is dat a lot dere are fasting, praying fr a caring guy and d 1 s av won’t Jos be crious may God av mercy on us amen, av said ma own if am wrong com and beat me in ma sick bed

  4. Zubby Ukachi says

    She is very stupid and mad after hundred thousand what is she doing there, some girls can never use their senses for one day not even once she’s ungrateful

  5. Zubby Ukachi says

    She is not on stupid she dont know what she want and she is ungrateful human being and she can never know her way what is she even doing there for the first time I don’t know what is wrong with girls you are seeing them they are still lying on top of what they are doing god forbid I can never be this kind of person if not in this life after giving her 100000 she still lying on it, it’s not meant to be even someone’s girlfriend

  6. Ifeanyi Akpugo Jr. says

    More money we pray

  7. Samuel Jones says

    Slay queen

  8. Maryjane Patrik says

    Correct slay queen

  9. Ogechi Peters says

    Smart slay queen.

  10. Effizy Ogonna says

    A girl that ‘ll cheat ‘ll cheat of you like take her out buy her food till she can’t stand up to her fit anymore ..she ‘ll still craw?? to another guy

  11. Msa Ahmed says

    I’m glad some girls here are saying the truth and agreeing that some women are naturally cursed from birth, cursed to b a cheat and a liar..even after married na so them go remain. May God help us o.. Ah after 100k? If I have that amount sef my problem go reduce small.. Imagine I come still risk am give oshere and she come do like that.. O boy the sango wey I go consult for her head go come with gas and fuel

  12. Ai Sha says

    Albert Pounds

  13. Otuonye Ikenna Kingsley says

    since the day i bought provisions for my girfreind and gave her pocket money back in my uni days few days later i came to visit her lo and behold she was with another iriot consuming my hard earned money and my provision and to make it worse she introduced me as a freind since then i have decided never to spend my one naira on any girl untill the day i get married i took it as a lesson lol no one can please women tho there are still good girls out there

  14. Tubaba Damytemy Freedom says

    Camp na camp,at least someone camp her inside Benz

  15. Nma Ugo says

    My question is how do dey get this type of guys I wonder me that is so faithful dat faithfulness want to kill me still dey guy dey use my play hmmm thunder fire bad luck am telling you.rubbish??????

  16. Bamaiyi Olotu says

    Just treat them as u like…. Either bad or good anyone that want to stay will stay, they don’t deserve all the over pampering

  17. Wendy Amaechi says

    100k chaiii

  18. Itz Don Michael says

    Lol Benz camp dey nah… bro forget that one na camp the girl dey…

  19. Nwawuba Malachi Obinna says

    If it’s a guy girl will comment all guys are the same I will never love a guy. Now it’s a girl she’s a slay queen. continue pray for her so that she won’t be rejected oo and slay Single oo

  20. Osinakachi Paul says

    hahahaha na today?Is normal thing na.All na thesame

  21. Moses Nnamani says

    Useless girlfriend, when your village people are after you the sign is that you will like to keep girlfriend who will be sucking your money so that you will end up coming back home with nylon bag, girlfriend is a waste of money

  22. Anjorin Becky Seun says


  23. Nwaoha Humble Ndubuisi says

    If greedy no kill this Young girls of my time,nawaooo

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