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People think I’m not intelligent because of my beauty, they don’t know I’m a lawyer – Corazon Kwamboka

Who would have ever thought Corazon Kwamboka is actually a practising lawyer who ha a firm too? No, you didn’t and I didn’t either. The popular Instagram influencer and socialite in a chat with Sunday Scoop revealed that people who see her from afar think she is dumb but when they get to converse with her, they are most times shocked at how intelligent she is. You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you know!

Corazon Kwamboka, whose Instagram page is loaded with mouth-watery photos of her living her best life, has made it known to her fans that there is truly more to life than one’s appearance.

During her chat with Sunday Scoop, she said

I have had situations where colleagues didn’t take me seriously not because of my shape but due to the stigma that comes with being a socialite. People assume that if you are beautiful and popular, then you cannot be intelligent too. But I like being underestimated because I like to see their faces when they finally get to hear me speak. I do practise law – both commercial and criminal. My firm is in Nairobi; so, if you ever need legal representation, you know who to talk to. Imagine a beautiful, powerful woman like me who actually knows what she’s doing representing a client; you can never go wrong.

Some photos of Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka shows her backside
Corazon Kwamboka shows her backside
Corazon Kwamboka shows her shape
Corazon Kwamboka shows her shape
Corazon Kwamboka chilling
Corazon Kwamboka chilling
Corazon Kwamboka Instagram photo
Corazon Kwamboka Instagram photo

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  1. Chukwukere Tochukwu Golden says

    Is been a lawyer a grantee for intelligence?, receive sense in Jesus name Amen

  2. Nancy Emmanuel says

    Ewu yola

  3. Onyeukwu Afunwa Echetanne says

    Ur kind of lawyer no go make sense.

  4. Cynthia Angel says

    Am still searching for the beauty APA????

  5. Godson Chuka says

    shake ynash win case is dar one lawyer
    ? ?

  6. Sarah Ishaya says

    You fyn pass me ne,abi na every lawyer dey intelligent

  7. Prince Adewuyi Oluwaseun says


  8. Oko Clement says

    OMO see yansh o

  9. Funmilayo Shaynet Bolt says

    madam na big yansh u get don’t mix things up

  10. Simon Jay Mwanza says

    I have come across some pathetic lawyers in my life. May be if you were a nuclear scientist

  11. Aghomon Dare Kelvin says

    You be lawyer no mean you have sense

  12. Okpara Chinwe says

    Who you epp

  13. Afia Birago Ennin says

    Peace Oppong Mensah comments

  14. Leo Randall Jr. says

    Beauty ? ? a phat ass does not equate beauty. ?

  15. Sookie Nanaadwoa says

    WATS de definition of intelligence here… Book knowledge or book knowledge basic knowledge n wisdom…. A lot of people confuse book knowledge with wisdom….de fact that you know book doesn’t make you intelligent…intelligence comes from so many perspectives joined together… If you are intelligent it should be from all aspects of life not just from formal classroom education. ..”intelligence” even when your formal classroom education is taken away.. Do you have what it takes to match life and all what it comes with and all what it’s embedded in it… Intelligence isn’t all about classroom.. It entails more…

  16. Boomstreer says

    I’m in the states would love to be your friend 313 960 0248 Kevin

  17. Godwin Adoli says

    In years nd time to come ur ass will eventually turn out being a problem to u cos, ur tiny legs can’t carry the weight of that same ass in time to kom ???

  18. Krys Odeje says

    Are all lawyers intelligent?

  19. Chika Immaculate says

    Is it charge and bail lawyer?

  20. Odinaka Duru says

    Does being a lawyer make u intelligent? The ability to reason and understand which even a natural gift of God, what has it to do with the certificate which some of you are even buying with money! If I may ask, what type of lawyer are you? Charge and bail or Radical lawyer?

  21. Lilian Stephen says

    Lol charge and bail lawyer.. Receive sense

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