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Two Nigerian Yahoo boys burnt to death after scamming a Mexican client of $1.6million (Video)

On our social media watch today, we saw reports on how Two Nigerian guys who were allegedly online scammers and duped a Mexican client of $1.6million. A twitter lady revealed how two yahoo boys burnt to death by a Mexican man who lured them over to Mexico after they scammed him of a whooping sum of $1.6million and he made a down payment of $400,000 with $1.2million to balance . It appeared the ‘client’ knew he was being duped so he led them on to coming to his country an reportedly burnt them alive.

@Schboyee, a twitter user shared:

2 Nigerian guys duped a Mexican to the tune of 400 thousand dollars, expecting another 1.2 million. Not knowing the man had discovered he had been duped, he managed to lure the fraudsters to come to Mexico to collect the remaining balance. See what happened to them

See video below;



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  1. Udara Oma says

    Fake news

    1. Okhale Lawrence says

      People will not find out the truth before sharing the stupid video… is even too dull for a 3d graphics.

  2. Princess Paul says

    Which kind yeye lie be this one na, so they come Nigeria come burn them
    Abi wetin you dey try talk ni
    Theinfong no vex me oo before I draw you nude

  3. Scarlet Grey says

    No wahala by the time you guys finish Nigerian with kies I’ll go to cotonu and become a citizen what nonsense and lies

  4. Funebi Kei says

    For wat purpose, they were only smarter than their Mexican partner

  5. Kenny J Yusuff says


  6. Obehi Obiyan says


  7. Ayodele Akinshola says

    Fake news

  8. Anselem Harold says

    A man who drives his father’s car is not entitled to speak in a council of men who own bicycles.

  9. Nkem Isabella Chiadinaizu says

    Fake news

  10. Chris Mba says

    Look at those images well. That’s not a real human butt .. Please reduce these fake news.. Probably a movie set and human meat should be dropping oil while been roasted just like goat or cow.. We are not fools abeg

    1. Papi says

      How can you say that’s not a human being? Seriously you need eyeglasses

      1. Okhale Lawrence says

        you are the one who needs it my friend. Go check out the authenticity of this video …you will understand that you even need a telescope.

  11. Gabriel Timilehin Joseph says

    God go punish u with all this fake news

  12. Michael Hertz Kwao says

    Hahahhahahahaha after enjoying that money, I want to believe their meat will be very tasty. #Nestam weytin concern me sef?

  13. Diana Chileshe says


  14. Florent Mexu Dibia says


  15. Wemimo Ifeoluwa says

    Lie keeee you there

  16. Goldermear Duru says

    Fake news. Thelinfo, bunch of propagandas. Grow up! grow up!!

  17. Builder Kelly Justice says


  18. Ifeanyichukwu Nnadozie says

    Hmmmm is this for real. .

  19. Rachael Itobore says

    Theinfo is known for fake news.

  20. Stan Bankz says

    Fake informant !

  21. Bright Gold says

    Fake news

  22. Nelson Sunday says

    So where’s the money

  23. WF Sudice Owonikoko Yo says

    Stopped lies they are not yahoo boys. Stop giving people fake news

  24. Grace Ngolu Bayizi says

    U mean roasted to death???

  25. Dare Omikunle says

    As in roasted?

  26. Zlan Shebs says

    Everything you una dy say yahoo boys do you think is easy to become one?make una stop this nonsense

  27. Kaycee Mbachu says

    Fake news, you no die better

  28. Omoruyi Jeffrey says

    All this bloggers who told you they are nigerian

  29. Agatha Ogbonna Prince Luke says

    This news is a lie , make it research well my friend and stop posting fake news ….u always do that! This is the work of China people ,they kill humans and use their meat as canned food

  30. Ori Uwa Sudah says

    Fake news die very soon who have post this nonsense go to hell

  31. Ayo Possibility says

    Yaba…. Your head no CORRECT

  32. Flo Dinero says

    Stop giving this fake news about México ?? am a Nigerian living here in Mexico ?? and nothing like this happened here in México

  33. Williams Omano says

    This blogger mumu enh

  34. Kennedy Arinze says

    Fake news

  35. Nonso C Martins says

    Fake useless gutter media outfit

  36. Larry Anderson says

    Fake news

  37. Quincy Becky says

    Fake news

  38. Promise Ukagha says

    Fake news

  39. Promise Ukagha says

    Bastard people

  40. Quincy Becky says

    These guys wer roasted by Thailand people who own a restaurant wer big men order for human flesh I watched the video

  41. Jonathan Chisom says

    Meaning gini,this is pure lie oya the next lie biko

  42. Samuel Ifeanyi says

    But why person go travel go meet person wey dey scam…I am not understanding this type of news faa….the lie is full of pepper and its blinding

  43. Michael Chigozie says

    M unfollowing this page. Fuck u guys

  44. Wakefield Black says


  45. Kelvin Prince says

    The news is fake oooo

  46. Onifade Emmanuel Olaoluwa says

    Gbanko gbi

  47. Kayus Apase Michael says

    These were photos taken Asia human eating village.

  48. Yara Kamal says

    midispyache ????

  49. Obinna Cletus Okereke says

    Theinfong, fake news people

  50. Nwaeze Uzochukwu Nelson says

    You guys can lie

  51. Wallace Papi-lion Franky says

    na lie

  52. Kings Amadikwa says

    Chaii….ego mbute!!…

  53. ?????? bloggers nah lie go kill unah oooo

  54. Royce Benziman says

    Absolutely Lie big lie Shuuu this lie Strong oooo

  55. Darasimi Oluwasegun Taiwo says

    Just for Facebook likes

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