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Woman who is 33 and unmarried replies people who criticised her for being single and wearing short clothes

Sometimes, you just have to love and let others live too, but some Nigerians on Social Media have taken it upon themselves to decide what is acceptable and what isn’t by criticising people who, according to them, are not doing the “norm” of the “land”.

A 33 year old who was dragged some days ago, has replied critics with a “knockout“. The lady, @_buttercup_cake, who was celebrating her 33rd birthday and share pictures of her holding a cake, was dragged by some Social Media users.

They criricised what she wore and of course, insinuated she couldn’t be happy because she’s yet to be married at 33.

To celebrate her birthday, she took to Twitter and shared;

“Selfie with my birthday cake before I took myself out… #Chapter33″

33 and unmarried replies critics on Twitter
33 and unmarried replies critics on Twitter

Here are some negative reactions she got;

negative reactions - 33 and unmarried woman
negative reactions – 33 and unmarried woman


To keep her critics shut, she gav them a “Knockout reply”, which has since gone viral.

No one talked about how I sponsored my kid sis through university n I am still footing her bills presently as she’s doing her masters. How I sent myself to University as well. How I am a dope baker. But they’re saying my life is miserable because i am not married at 33 ?

@_Buttercup_Cake knockout reply to critics
@_Buttercup_Cake knockout reply to critics

What is your say on this?



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  1. Azuka Ozor says

    Sis you owe no one any explanation they can go and hug a transformer if it hurts them so much enjoy your day dear age with more grace

  2. Chiamaka Slyvanus says

    Who husband help, marriage no Dy rain enjoy urself baby

  3. Ilori Tunde says

    Slay mama don’t worry you have yourself to blame at the end of the day

  4. Nyeko Mariah says

    It’s even someones problem he he he… Human being

  5. Nthabiseng Ntakadzeni Rampou says

    Whats wrong with this animal called Human? Always ready to attack for no reason???

  6. Izuchukwu Larryoscar says

    She is very young to marry

  7. Goodness Lawrence says

    Marriage is not for everybody biko

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