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‘Dad almost divorced my mom because she arrested my uncle who raped me when I was 4’ – 18-year-old teenager shares rape story

An 18 year old young lady reached out to our team to share her scars with the the world. In a read that will almost get you teary, she revealed how she was defiled by her uncle at a very tender age of 4. The teenager whose identity has been withheld made it known to us to share her story with the world to encourage victims of rape and tell them they’re not alone. Read her full statement below:

I Will Try to Tell my story, The best I can much of it I know, and maybe Will be too difficult to tell.Then,I believe there is still much of it that I do not yet know So there Will be some blank areas in this story. I wish it were not true, but it is. I also want to remind you and myself, as I begin to tell it that I and YOU survived and we CAN and WILL together, Also, I reassure YOU and ME that we are not alone……

I Suspect that my abuse began when I was about 4years old.. My gut feeling too is that I was sexually abused at this age. I clearly remembered being left Alone at home. I remember my pains and whatever else a little one feels at that age, I was definitely confused.
When I was about 4years old, I remembered my mum leaving me at home to work and my dad too all leaving me under the supervision of my uncle. Was in the room watching TV he came in and asked if I was fine I said yes.I guess as I was watching TV I fell asleep, I really don’t know how it happened but what I felt inside of me was Unimaginable As A Child then??? immediately I woke up and found at that I was undressed and likewise him too. I wanted to shout but I couldn’t because he threatened to kill me if I should.
I couldn’t help but started crying meanwhile I was still laying on the bed bleeding seriously As God may have it, he only slammed the door but didn’t lock it, so my mum came because she forgot something and meet me crying and bleeding on the bed, couldn’t stand up and she asked me what happened, immediately she started crying she scened it,I couldn’t even talk it was unconscious with the help of the neighbours i was rushed to the hospital….
Since my youngest memories, I was told that as a Girl Child I was not important, Was ugly, stupid and other ways used to insult someone. I was taught that what I thought and felt did not matter. I was soaked with tears. I was admitted in the hospital for 1 months and 2 weeks.
Realising what, he had done,he ran away from the house and disappeared into thin air, The story of how I was raped by my uncle got to my dad’s hearing thinking he would react but he never did. I guess because it was his brother.

I am really struggling to believe that this is really true, that it happened to ME. “Is it a false memory ”
I do not want to admit, especially, that my Dad almost divorced my mum because she arrested and sue his his brother to court. I did think of myself as a victim, until not so long ago. I thought I could never call myself a SURVIVOR. We are Survivors. We have come through the most horrendous battle, Struggle for life, It is not over, but the worst is over and we lived through it.
Do, I always believe this? No, I DO NOT.Sometimes when I remember the pains I went through ??? I do think it Will never end but truly speaking IT DID END…
I Survived it despite all that happened and you too can survive and also scale through. Am Sharing this with you painfully ???and at the same time joyfully. I want to Assure you that you are not alone. I also want you to know that I CARE about YOU.
I Now Know that I was Being Molested as a baby, It had been very hard to take and bear but I Just have to let go and I was HEALED ?
I Stand Against Rape and Violence Against Women /Girls



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