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Sunday Special: 5 Yoruba Nollywood stars whose children share striking resemblance with them (Photos)

It’s Sunday, the most favorite day of the week that comes right before the most dreaded day. TheInfoNG has compiled a list of Nollywood actors whose children share a striking resemblance with them. Fans of these favorite celebrities have become so fascinated by their stars so much that little details of their lives become a thing to cherish to them. Hence, the need to bring you 5 of your favorite celebrities who gave birth ti the carbon copy of themselves.
5 Yoruba actresses and actors whose Children share striking resemblance with them (Photos)

Some of these kids have grown up to be professionals in different industries they’ve all found themselves. Don’t be shocked if your favorite singer becomes a subtopic in the read, a celebrity begat him.

1 Toyin Adegbola

5 Yoruba actresses and actors whose Children share striking resemblance with them (Photos)

Toyin Adegbola, Ashewo To Re Meka is one of the most popular Yoruba movie actresses, she got her popular name as a result of a part she played in a movie.

Toyin Adegbola is very synonymous with her low cut hairstyle for as long as you can remember. She was born in Osun state in December 28, 199, this actress does not look her age as she still spot a very youthful appearance.

Toyin Adegbola lost her husband in the year 2000 and has remained unmarried since then. She has two children for her late husband, she has a daughter and a son, Adeola and Adetunji.

Immediately Toyin Adegbola lost her husband, her children left the country. Toyin Adegbola’s daughter Adeola also wears a low cut hairstyle just like her mother. The first time Adeola appeared in the media was when the both mother and daughter went for a wedding of an upcoming actor Remi Oginigini in Ilesha Osun state four years ago.

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This mother and daughter actually share a striking resemblance and we can say that Adeola is the splitting image of her mother.

2) Toyin Adewale

5 Yoruba actresses and actors whose Children share striking resemblance with them (Photos)

Toyin Adewale started her acting career in the year 1988, the first serious work in which the actress played the main role is called “Irepodun”. She got her education at dramatic art at Remnants institute at Lagos State and then Lagos State Polytechnic where she studied Business administration.

Toyin met her husband Sunday Adewale in 1988 when she was a student. In the year 2013, the couple celebrated their 20th year anniversary and the event took place at the time event centre at Ikeja in Lagos State.

5 Yoruba actresses and actors whose Children share striking resemblance with them (Photos)

Toyin Adewale is the only child of her late mother, Mrs Essay Odubolunjo who passed away at the age of 95 years old, her late father Mr Odubolunjo has five wives and each of them gave birth to one daughter. Toyin Adewale has her own company named Testily catering services. Toyin and Mr Adewale have three kids together, two boys and a girl. We can say that all Toyin Adewale’s children share striking resemblance with the actress, they are all splitting image of their mother.

3) Fausat Balogun

Fausat Balogun who started her acting career in her childhood days is happily married to another fellow veteran actor, Alhaji Rafiu Balogun. She has been married for 42 years since she was 18 years old.

Alhaji Rafiu Balogun was her boss before they got married. By the time she became Famous, her children are already adults. Her eldest is a director and her daughter is also an actress. Madam Saje and her daughter have a striking resemblance. During the 2016 edition of the city people entertainment awards, Madam Saje was bestowed a special recognition award for her remarkable contribution to the growth of the movie industry in Nigeria.

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4) Rafiu Balogun

Rafiu Balogun is the husband of the veteran actress Madam Saje and as stated earlier, Madam Saje and Rafiu Balogun had a son and a daughter together. Their son also shares a striking resemblance with Madam Saje’s husband.

5) Adewale Elesho

In the year 2014, Adewale Adeoye popularly called Elesho celebrated his 30 years on stage with the released of a new film. The anniversary hold at Lagos State television oil TV company in Ikeja. Adewale Elesho has a son Yemi Elesho who share a striking resemblance with his father. The only difference remained that Elesho is an Abino while the son is dark skin.

Adewale Elesho number one talent is playing a character who verbally insult people with words. He is one of Nigeria comic actors, Elesho’s son Yemi Elesho is also an actor and a popular skit maker on Instagram.

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