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You are not God – Tacha fires back at Ubi Franklin after he said she was the last person he wanted to see in Big Brother House

Former BBNaija housemate, Tacha has fired back at Ubi Franklin after the latter revealed she was the last person he wanted to see in the Big Brother House.

He also revealed Tacha sent him numerous DMs but he told her he didn’t have the connection to help her.

Ubi Franklin went ahead to say that he got Teebillz endorsement deal for Tacha during another Instagram Live interview with Tacha’s former manager.

Tacha has now taken to Instagram Live video to slam him.

In the video, she had on a crown then took off the crown to insult Ubi, before wearing the crown back.

She said in the video that she has turned down numerous deals and Ubi can’t claim he got her deals.

She then went on call out Ubi, saying: “Ubi Franklin, you have kids to take care of, you have people you owe money. Are you done focusing on that?”

She added: “The nerve, the effrontery for you to actually say, ‘if there’s one person I didn’t want to see in the Big Brother house, it’s Tacha’. Who are you? Are you my God? Are you God? Who exactly are you to make a statement like that.”

She continued: “You have people to take care of. You have kids to take care of, you have people to face. You owe people money. Go and pay them. Go and pay the people that you owe. Get my name out of your mouth.

“I know, I understand, this whole thing, like when you’re irrelevant, you want to just try to suck out of someone’s relevance… And I get you and I know you’re happy because this ten minutes of fame now, you’d use it, you’d try to exhaust it because that’s what you do. You’re an opportunist. But please, in all of the lies that you tell, do not, I repeat, do not open your mouth to say that you got Tacha deals because you got Tacha absolutely nothing.

“I have never met you before, I sent you a DM once, and like I said, it was a business proposal, you take it or you leave it, and you left it and that’s it.”

She then accused Ubi of trying to pit her and former Big Brother Naija housemate, Mercy, against each other.

Tacha said: “I really wish that women support each other. If women support each other, a moron such as Ubi Franklin will not wake up from his rented apartment and talk to me.

“You as a moron, you want to try to put I and Mercy up against each other, ’cause that’s exactly what you did during your Live yesterday, trying to like, ‘oh what do you think about this, what do you think about this?’ ”

Tacha also showed gratitude to Teebillz for standing up for her during his interview with Ubi.

In the live interview, Teebillz bluntly told Ubi that he “f***ed up” and that he was “a bit disappointed” in him. Also, when Ubi didn’t want to call Tacha’s name and called her a “talent”, Teebillz insisted on calling her name.

Ubi said to Teebillz: “You remember when I called you after you signed that talent?”

Teebillz responded, stating that he has worked with many talents and asked Ubi to name the “talent”.

He added: “Her name is not ‘that talent’ call her by her name.”

After the Instagram Live, Tacha took to her Instagram Stories to continue throwing shade at Ubi.

She wrote: “My hard work got me where I am! My sweats speaks for me.”




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