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Lady fakes pregnancy to scam cheating ex, plan backfires


A social media user on Twitter identified as @fancyDramancia detailed how her sister decided to scam her ex-boyfriend after he left her for his pregnant side chick.

She disclosed that her sister’s lie got bigger and bigger and now she does not know how to handle the situation.

According to the Twitter user, her sister is a 24-year-old single mother who worked at Shoprite.

She wrote,

“My little sister has been scamming her ex boyfriend after he left her for another Lady who said she is pregnant… A month later my little sister also said she is pregnant…

My little sister was a cashier at Shoprite… 24 years of age and she already has a 8 year old daughter… She then met a guy… who promised her heaven and earth… 6 months later the guy started pressuring her that he wants a child by her…

My little sister was secretly taking contraceptives… explaining to the guy that she can’t have a second child out of wedlock… with a different man even! So out of desperation, he then took her home to KZN showing the seriousness of the relationship.. still this was not

Enough for my sister to be convinced… One night at 11pm I was woken up by text messages from my sister saying she was going through the guys phone.. what she found was rather shoking!!!

This guy had another Lady pregnant and they were planning to get married! Broken as my sister was… she had to gather herself… didn’t confront the guy at all… A week later the guy Broke up with my sister without any explanation… Told her to let it go but nooo…

A month later she told the guy that she is pregnant… the guy told her that he is getting married and he can only support the child financially… So he has been sending about 2k sometimes 3k monthly for the past 8 months…

The fiance of the guy had a miscarriage… now the guy wants to come back in my sisters life! She obviously refused! So now the “pregnancy” is 8 months old… meaning she is “due” next month…

Guy sent 28k for her to give birth at a private hospital… also sent money for the “baby’s” essentials… She thought about faking a miscarriage but thinks it a abit late for that hence there would definitely have to a funeral service!

The guy is so excited and looking forward to a non existing baby… so now she wants to get out of this… How does she do that?…”



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