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Marlians!! Are these truly the reasons why Naira Marley’s songs are no longer trending? (Find out)

Marlians! What is happening to our president? Why are his songs not banging like before?

Good or bad, just like Hushpuppi is the “Man Of The Moment”. A year ago and early this year, Naira Marley was the talk of the town.

Not only is his music so loved by the majority of the youth, but the musician’s general lifestyle is also incredibly a source of inspiration to many youngsters out there.

What made us love Naira Marley? It all started in 2019.

What made us love Naira Marley in 2019? You’ll ask. How did we fall in love with the sweet fillings this guy offered? The singer came with a genre-bending style that separated him from his peers, making music similar to him.

naira-marley Naira Marley had this spark. This freshness was missing around the time he bursted into the scene.


It wasn’t his melodic tracks alone that did the trick but the empathy that came with his arrest and his ordeal in the hand of the EFCC.


Though it wasn’t his first track, the whole story started with his single hit (Soapy).  Then another song (Pxta) ensured the spotlight would last long. And it did. With Mafo, the bedrock of his year-end EP, Lord Of LambaNaira Marley stayed atop of conversations for the rest of the year.

But What is happening? Who else is noticing a decline?

The popularity that trails Naira Marley’s singles in 2019 is missing recently. The excitement that brims when you listen to Mafo. The tingling feeling which erupts when you hear Am I A Yahoo Boy on the streets. And how we joyfully exhibited dance steps to Tesumole.

All these are no more.

You hear a Naira Marley single is on the way, and you aren’t motivated to listen. You can predict the content. You know who produced the beat even before you hear it. You know what to expect.

Singles this year; AyeDido LoboAs E Dey Go are cut from the fabric of heavy infusion of street Lamba and profanity.

What could be happening? What could be the reasons for the gradual decline in the popularity of Naira’s songs?

Is this the natural Karma for him being a bad influence on Nigerian youths as some claimed?

Maybe he is simply trying to withdraw from the entertainment scene to get back to his alleged illegal business.

Whatever the reason might be, even if “na jazz”, we are not ready to hear the end of Naira. Perhaps all he needs is to pause, reflect, and seek inspiration elsewhere. He needs to bring in a sort of “freshness” to the game which would make people start going crazy on his music again without the need for them to fall from stamping their feet too hard.

Alright, Marlians! The question is still in the air.

Why do you think our president is not getting so much attention for his music tracks like before?

Drop your comments, ‘Let’s settle this mata”.




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