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After series of deliverance prayers, woman miraculously gives birth to baby boy after 21 years of barrenness (video)

A woman who was unable to give birth after over years of marriage now has now given birth and she gives her testimony.

Read her story below:

My Name is Prince Chuks Welekwe and the

The name of my Wife is Mrs. Patience Welekwe. I am from Rivers State.

We got Married far back in 1990 February 24th with the hope of having children and as a young man who was the only child of my parents.

After our marriage, all plans for my wife to get pregnant seems abortive as we waited for 3 years and nothing was forthcoming we became perplexed, worried, full of anxiety, and desperate.

In our desperation, we started looking for solutions medically as my wife started moving to several places in search of the solution.

My Mother who wanted me to marry early and have my own children died when my marriage was 10 years without any child.

My wife started moving from one church to another but all to no avail. There was a lot of pressure from family a relation of mine took my wife to a native doctor who did all his incantations, concoctions but to no avail.

This was not a happy period for me and my wife but the quest for having children still took us to Hospital in Owerri, Imo State for Medications every Saturday which gulped a huge amounts of money.

My Lovely wife also went to a place at Aba, Abia State where she took over 80 injections to flush out her womb but all of these couldn’t help the situation.

We have a Special Doctor in Military Hospital who started from scratch; we ran series of tests which came out that one of my wife’s Fallopian tube was blocked. Every three months My wife was going to the Hospital for thorough flushing of the womb which was very painful to bear which led to hotness of my wife’s womb.

We have always thought that it was a medical issue, we did all the medical tests and treatments but all to avail.

Later the Doctor affirmed that she is okay and free to give birth but still nothing was forthcoming.

In 2001 a friend of mine introduced us to Old Time Faith Ministries and we started attending the Miracle Babies for Expectant Couples where we met Pastor Walter O. Zach who became concerned about our predicament and had seriesof deliverance prayers.

In 2011 our marriage became 21 years and the yoke was broken and God gave us a bouncing Baby boy and after two years God bless us with twins(Two Girls)

Watch the video below:



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