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Man recounts his unexpected experience after he bashed an SUV

A man has taken to popular Nigerian forum, Nairaland to recount an experience he had after bashing an SUV.

He disclosed he didn’t pay a dime for the damaged caused as the owner left him.

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See his narration below;

I bashed an SUV yesterday, I thought the driver was taking off and I charged up to follow him just to beat the messy traffic, he braked immediately and it happened. His bumper was a bit disjointed on the right side, and almost pulled off one of the mini brake lights on the bumper. Nothing happened to my car.

We parked by the road side and Mr got out of control. I kept telling to calm down that I acknowledged it was my fault and mistake. I started hearing things like, who are you? How old are you? You small boy, go and ask of me in so so and so autos store”

I kept telling him to calm down but he wasn’t having it. Cost of damage running into hundred and some thousands was given to me. I was working on making a transfer while he was still fuming in anger and saying a lot. All of a sudden he entered his car and told his friend to hop in, I tried pleading with him to wait, he refused and even told me he will do worse should he get down from his car. I told his friend to tell him to calm down but he shouted at his friend to close his door and zoomed off.

On my way home I realized a lot from the incident, ALOT. The man was not interested in taking money from me. He was that angry because he knows he was not going to take money from me and he knows he was going to bear the cost of fixing the car. He was angry because he did not leave his house to go and bear cost for another person and the incident will likely ruin the rest of his day. I felt bad. I felt his pain. A Lexus SUV for the men.

But why was he feeling intimidated by asking my age and social status? Maybe it was my body composure, because I wasn’t looking fazed, I knew I already made a mistake which I have to pay for. I accept my mistakes easily, it helps me beat and teach myself for correction.

Then he also asked me this question;

“Where are you rushing to?”

this question will be my motto for 2021.

The incident also reminded me of my Ma, back then when it was time to pay school fees and we ask her for money, she starts acting as if they are stinging her needles. Woe betide you should you forget to do chores or refused to run errands for her, she’ll kill you in peace and keep the school fees money instead.

Most humans expresses pains with anger and rage


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