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Why you should use a digital marketing agency for your online promotion

In our modern connected world, it’s more important than ever for companies to have a positive online profile – however, it’s surprising how many firms still believe that just having a corporate website is enough. Today’s cut-throat commercial landscape means your site is competing against 100’s – more likely 1000’s – of other pages, all vying for the attention of your clients (potential and existing). If you’re to stand any chance of staying ahead of the game, you need to start thinking about digital marketing.

The importance of Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Recent studies found that around 71% of all consumer journeys start with an online search. With Google now accounting for over 92% of all search-engine-generated traffic, it’s essential your firm ranks on the first page of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) made under keywords relating to your business. Actually, you should aim to feature in the top five results, which generate approximately 70% of SERP clicks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly complex and detailed process used to ensure that sites rank high in Google under desired keywords and phrases likely to be used by consumers. A professional digital search marketing agency will perform various detailed tasks to guarantee higher results in SERPs. Everything from site optimization to link building and even Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to offer a fully rounded marketing strategy that covers all bases is on offer.

Professional online marketing firms offer services, knowledge, and expertise far beyond the scope of most web users so, unless you have experience in online marketing and SEO, you can guarantee they will get better results than if you try taking a DIY approach.

Other reasons why a specialist firm is the best choice

There are many, many reasons why partnering with a professional web marketing firm is the sensible choice when it comes to web marketing – below are just a few:

Web marketing is cost-effective when done correctly

Of all forms of marketing, it could be argued web marketing and SEO give the greatest and longest-lasting Return on Investment (ROI). When you work with a professional firm, you’ll likely start noticing results in weeks (sometimes days) that will drive extra traffic to your site and increase sales. Not only that – good SEO tends to last (though you should bear in mind, results can drop over time).

Agencies do this for a living

Web marketing is complex, and trying to learn the skills involved will be a long uphill struggle – plus, if you get it wrong, you may even end up damaging your brand. Rather than wasting time that should be spent running your firm, entrusting your online marketing to a specialist will free up your time and give you complete peace of mind that your online reputation is in safe hands.

Specialist firms produce specialist packages

All companies are different, and what works for one firm need not necessarily be right for another. Instead of shoehorning companies into pre-built strategies, a professional SEO firm will first study your firm, its aims, and its target markets to devise a bespoke marketing campaign tailored precisely to your business.

Unrivaled expertise

As well as being complex, web marketing is also highly varied, involving everything from SEO to branding, PPC campaigns, tinkering with code, social media promotion, and content marketing. Online marketing firms have specialists in all these fields to guarantee you the best results.


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