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Man narrates his experience with a bus conductor and passenger who refused to pay his fare

Twitter user, Lola Okunrin has shared his experience with a bus conductor and passenger who refused to pay his transport fare.

Lola wrote;

“Inside Danfo this evening at Ketu, a guy refused to pay, so the conductor removed his two palm slippers in a struggle. The guy kept dragging with the conductor that he’s not going to pay. Because of the noise, I told the conductor to remove 200 Naira from my 300 Naira change with him.

He replied “egbon e ma worry, eleyi ma sanwo mi ki o to bole ni Ketu yi seh, aijebe, ko ni gba bata e” (Bros, no worry, this one will pay me himself before alighting at this Ketu, else he won’t collect his palm slippers). So I didn’t bother. I kept quiet watching them..

Suddenly, the guy dragged his slippers off the conductors hand then jump down. Conductor ran after him shouting “Oloriibu wa sanwo mi jor” (Head of ibu, come and pay my money jor).

After further dragging on the ground, he finally let go then came into the bus to continue the journey to Mile 12.

I asked for my change and this guy gave me 100 Naira. I said “kileleyi” (what’s this?), he replied “shebi eyin le sope kin yo owo bobo yen leekan” (were you not the one who said I should remove that guy’s money from your change the other time?)…

Bobo, that offer expired immediately you said I should not worry. Give me my 300. That’s how we started dragging again till we reach Mile 12. He sha gave me my 300, i came down but suddenly heard twai on my cheek and it’s this conductor giving me a sound slap as the bus drove by…….”


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