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Lady narrates what happened after she made eye contact with her bible during s*x with boyfriend

A lady identified as Tifemi has narrated how she made eye contact with her Bible while sleeping with her boyfriend at the time.

Sharing her story via Twitter, she wrote;

“I remembered one time I was committing sin on the bed with this guy and while at it, I made an eye contact with my Bible (cause it’s always on my bed) and I quickly turned my eyes away in fear like “Jesu mabinu oh,I’ll explain to you when I’m done 😩”..

I use my second hand to push the Bible down cause the other hand was holding one of my legs 😑.. tatatatata and all of a sudden I started having guilty conscience like “Tife you pushed down your God cause of knacks” “Tife oya mu Bible yen nile” “Just imagine if you take your last breathe now what will….”

This was the last thought and I just jumped out of bed, went to the bathroom to wash my hands first before picking the Bible from the floor and I held it close to my chest, crying with “I’m sorry God 😭”.. the guy stunned with the drama going on asked “baby what’s going on, bosibi jeka continue now”,

I looked at him with so much disgust and use my head to show him where his clothes are “oya wor aso e, ko koshi jade niyara mi”.. he came to where I was standing with towel on, pecked me and said “I understand your fear but we’ve already started the sin, why not let us complete it and ask for forgiveness at once”.. “haa now I know you’re devil’s sent, oya come and be going” I said.

He left angrily and I started crying, praying and begging God to forgive me with my eyes closed. While praying, the flashback of the sin I just committed flashed through my head and I paused my prayer, sighed and said “oooooo God😩”,

I started all over again and 10mins into it I had the same thing and I said “Satani mo ba e wi loruko Jesu”, continued praying. It was about to happen the third time, I just opened my eyes and said to myself “maybe we were supposed to finished this truly then ask for forgiveness at once”.

Reached for my phone, dialed the guy’s number and while ringing, I heard a knock, I opened and guess who was standing. Yes you’re right, the guy. The werey didn’t go 😑. I opened and before I could say a word, he grabbed me, started kissing and we were both ON, he removed my towel and threw me on bed and that was the last thing I knew.

The next thing I saw was myself on the hospital bed with bandages all over my head. Apparently I hit my head on the wall when he threw me on the bed that minute and I passed out. That day, I rededicated my life to Jesus.”


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