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Lady cries out after sleeping with her boyfriend’s bestfriend

A 23 year-old lady has disclosed how she is at a crossroads on whether to tell her boyfriend she slept with his friend or to keep mute to save her relationship.

In a lengthy post that surfaced online, the lady noted her dilemma, while narrating how the incident occurred.

She stated that her boyfriend’s friend, who she had sex with, was the ex-boyfriend she left to be with his friend, who she is currently dating.

Narrating how she started dating her ex-boyfriend before she dumped him for his friend, she noted: “I’m a young girl of 23 years. A graduate. I actually met a guy at my cousins wedding. My cousin introduced me to her former boyfriend. She didn’t marry him because of tribe. We are Igbo and he is an ikwerre boy. My cousin said nice things about him. How good he is and above all he is rich. A staff in NNPC Port Harcourt. I was already falling in love. I stole his number from my cousins phone cos I was the ones answering her calls. I called the guy later. Told him what I feel about him.

“Gradually we started dating. The only problem with the guy he’s short and ugly. I’m not so proud to introduce him to many friends. We dated for 6 months. One day I visited him to spend weekend. His generator spoiled and he said he can’t stay without light that we should go spend the night at his friends/colleagues house. On getting to his friends house and on seeing him, I fell in love with his friend immediately. It was love at first sight. The guy is handsome, his house neat and well organized and above all he’s an Igbo guy. I noticed his friend likes me too. After few weeks of chatting secretly, I broke up with my boyfriend and switched fully to his friend.”

On how she and her ex-lover had sex in her boyfriend’s house, she said: “I was in my boyfriend’s house, his friend (my ex) visited. My boyfriend is on day duty and his friend off. We were alone and he started pestering me for sex. Crying and telling me how hurt he felt leaving him for his friend. I told him I never liked him. That I followed him because he is doing well. The way he cried and touched me and I started feeling pity for him. While consoling him, we ended up having sex.”

She, however, went further to regret her actions and pleaded with the public to advise her on what to do.

Her words: “I’m regretting my action. I don’t know if this is a set up. My boyfriend told me he likes me too well to marry me but circumstances surrounding how we met is delaying him. Now I failed him again. He’s back from duty and he noticed I’m moody. Should I tell him what happened between me and my ex?”


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