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27-Year-Old Lady Reveals how She Overcame Bedwetting after 25 Years of Struggle

A 27-year-old lady, Tolulope Joseph, has revealed how she overcame bedwetting after 25 years of struggle.

According to her, she grew up to be stigmatised as a bed wetter and she suffered emotional abuse for that condition.

Her life, at a young age, became plagued with fear, shame and guilt.

“Children didn’t want to associate with me but they would come around me when it comes to academics because I was brilliant; bedwetting was a stigma in my life,” she told NHL HealthWise.

“I remember my grandparents had to go all the way to prepare a concoction for me when I was about 10 years old and I couldn’t reject it because I was also desperate for a way out.”

“Anytime my grandmother went to the market, she bought whatever anyone told her that could help because she wasn’t happy either, and she was ready to do anything to assist me.”

“I did a lot of sneaking in and out of the house, trying to tidy up the mess after bedwetting. Nobody was able to think that the issue could be medical; nobody ever mentioned going to the hospital. All we were trying was traditional medicine but they never worked.”

“I remember my grandmother was always telling me to kneel before the traditional grinding stone and beg it not to allow me to bed wet. I used to greet the electric pole, too.”

Tolulope Joseph grew up searching for a way to resolve the disturbing issue. Her breakthrough began when someone hinted on the fact that her mother was once a bed wetter.

“That was when I thought of really giving it attention. I did my research and discovered that enuresis can be genetic. I asked my mum and she said she had it till when she was 18. At that time, I became curious because if my mum could have the same experience, then there should be a link.”

“My family members got used to it and I was used to the abuses too. I remember one of my aunties took me to a lot of churches. I remember drinking a lot of perfumed water but it didn’t work.”

Two years ago, Tolulope realised that her bedwetting was gradually decreasing after she took medical steps and soon it became a thing of the past.

Urologists and psychologists have explained the concept of nocturnal enuresis, popularly known as bed wetting as a condition that could have primary or secondary causes. As such, any child older than five who still bedwets should be evaluated by an urologist as it is a medical condition rather than spiritual or otherwise.


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