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How to Have Sex All Night

You are excited about what lies ahead and can’t wait to give a good pounding and take your partner to cloud nine. You have prepared for this all along and are ready to be a pleaser in between the sheets. As you slide in, you feel the warmth and groan in excitement. You take gentle shallow thrusts in no hurry. But just when you are about to begin the fun, to go harder and deeper, alas! To your horror, your sticky liquid shoots out. This situation leads to something that can be termed an “unpleasant pleasure”.

Premature ejaculation is something most men dread and consider an embarrassing situation. Experiencing an orgasm before intercourse barely starts (in a minute or less after sex begins) truncates the pleasure time. Between 30 -40% of men experience this shit at some point in their life. So if you experience this, you shouldnt begin to think that you are some rare, unlucky person. You also shouldn’t be worried if it happens on occasions.

When you should consider seeing a doctor

Consider seeing a doctor if,

  • you ejaculate within one minute too often or on a regular basis.
  • you are often times unable to retain semen
  • you feel depressed and avoid intimacy because you anticipate you may fail again.

Causes of premature ejaculation

  • PE can be caused by physical or psychological issues which include
  • performance anxiety stress,
  • hormone deficiency
  • sensitive pennis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low chemicals in the brain like serotonin

How to last longer

Rest assured that PE can be managed and even cured. According to Sex Med Ninety-five percent of men are helped through behavioral techniques that help control ejaculation. Now that’s some good news there.

Here are things you can do to help you overcome PE. But first, it’s important to have a heart to heart talk with your partner and see ways you can get support from them. Some of these tips surely need an understanding partner to help make them work. Once there is an understanding between you two, these home remedies can be effectively used to help the situation.

Stop and start

Stimulate the penis to the point that you feel like cuming then stop the arousal until the feeling subsides. do this as many times as you can before you ejaculate.


When your penis is aroused and you feel like you are about to cum, have your partner squeeze your penis’ tip until your penis goes limp. Repeat this again and again during intercourse until you are ready to ejaculate.

Mind control

The brain drives a lot of the sexual actions that you do. just as sex begins from the brain, the brain has the power to also end sex too. Make your mind wander away from the thought of ejaculation. You can think of something else outside of sex to distract your self for a moment. A distracted thought can help calm the penis down and stop ejaculation.

Pelvic exercise

Do exercises that help to strengthen your pelvic floor. Kegel exercise helps you tighten your pelvic muscles. When you urinate, try to stop your urine midstream for upto 3 seconds. Now that you have identified the pelvic muscles, tighten them up to ten times everyday. You can do this while walking, sitting or standing. a strengthened pelvic floor may improve your ability to delay ejaculation.

Wear a condom

condoms may help to make a hypersensitive penis less sensitive and reduce the excess excitement you feel that causes PE.

Engage in longer foreplay

Some people may find that foreplay gives them a chance to prolong intimacy. These individuals can pleasure and satisfy their partners without the worry of ejaculating early.

Foreplay helps you extend sexual pleasure without aiming to ejaculate. Take alot of time exploring your bodies. Sex toys can come in handy here. Your only goal should be to help your patner come first by stimulating their genitals manually, with a sex toy or orally.

Go two rounds

Another trick is to have two rounds by having a quickie the first time. This means that in the first round, it is allowed to cum in one minute or less. Afterwards, you can engage in cuddles, pillow talks, kisses and touches that lead to a second round. Experts say that most men with ED are less excited and last longer during a second round.

Masturbate before sex

Some men find that mastubating befor sex helps them stay longer.Mastubation helps you become less sensitive to sexsual stimulation. you need to find the best timing to make this option work. Sometimes mastubation may kill your sex drive especially if you have it too close before sex with your partner. execessive mastubation can also cause PE. you need to strike a balance. assuming there is no addiction to masturbation, mastubating one to two hours before sex can help with PE.

Thrust technique

Varying your thrust technique in depth, direction and speed can help last longer. As you alternate your thrusting method, it gives you time to pause and these pauses calms down arousal.

Cock rings

cock rings are adult toys that are worn around the testicles or base of the penis. Their job is to stop blood from flowing out of the penis after an erection to allow you to last until sexual intercourse is over. it shouldn’t stay in the penis for longer than 30 minutes to prevent injury to the penis.

Seek help from professionals

If PE is caused by psychological factors like stress and depression, a psychologist or psychiatrist can help. These specialists can provide counselling and therapy that can improve your emotions.


Your doctor may prescribe oral pills like Priligy treats premature ejaculation.This oral medication contains dapoxetine that helps to treat anxiety and depression. Other off label used medications that might be prescribed include tramadol, Anesthetic creams or sprays used on the tip of the penis to reduce its sensitivity and Viagra.These drugs in most cases cannot be easily gotten over the counter and would need a doctor’s prescription to get them.

A problem shared is half solved. If you are too embarrassed to share your concerns with a professional, consider other means of consulting with one. With telemedicine, you can consult with a doctor virtually and get the needed help to improve your sexual health.


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