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I want my friend to be free to have sxx with my wife, while I also get in bed with his wife – Man shares his desire

A man has cried out on social media, after falling in love with his friend’s wife, following an intimate conversation with her.

Sharing his story to Facebook blogger, David Bondze-Mbir, he expressed his willingness to allow his wife get in bed with his friend, while he also gets in bed with the friend’s wife; an act which he termed “cross-pollination”.

In his words;

“This might shock you but don’t be shocked. I just need suggestions from anyone who has found himself in my shoes and can advise. I am married. Love my wife to death. We have a couple friend. They are close to my family. The wife of my friend had issues with my husband and was talking to me. I was supposed to be talking to her husband but there wasn’t anything to talk about. Through our chats, we realized we had feelings for each other. We have discussed it and she wants me to ask her husband for permission to sleep with her. She wants me as much as I want her.

Prior to our sudden feelings, she had come across frolicsome chats between my wife and her husband. I checked evidence on my wife’s phone but she deletes all conversations with him.

I need a way to propose cross-pollination. We both agree we want our marriages. We just want to try sxx with the other person and keep the arrangement between us. I don’t have any proof apart from what she said she saw on her husband’s phone. I know my wife checks him out sometimes. It doesn’t bother me. I just want to find a way to make it official between the four of us. I want suggestions to go about it. We all have our children and don’t plan having anymore. So someone accidentally getting pregnant is out of the picture”.


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