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Lady seeks advice on how to end engagement with fiancé as she meets new man who means the world to her

After meeting a new man who meant the world to her, a young lady in a dilemma seeks counsel on how to end her engagement to her fiance.

In a conversation with a relationship counselor, the troubled woman reveals how her fiance irritates her in every way.

To add to her claim, she met a doctor who is the epitome of her dream come true and all she desired in a spouse.

Read the full narration below …

“Please keep me anonymous. I am a girl of 27 from d eastern part of Nigeria. Am quite good-looking though a plus size.

I got engaged to a guy who hails from my town about 7months ago, i thought I liked him enough to settle down with him but right now I resent everything about him.

Once he calls me, I get upset….i don’t even look forward to hearing from him. I regret this decision of mine. I feel like giving him back his ring. I met this amazing guy who is a Dr. at your dating site.

I joined early this year, after my bestie told me things about the page. This medical doctor has been Everything I ever wanted in a man. we always spend time together though I have never told him about d engagement,i only told him he is my ex because I feel like telling him d truth will make me lose him,this is because he keeps me quite happy and supports my every step.

Now, my supposed fiancé will be back in d country by April ending and I do not know what to do with this new guy. I know I have been selfish but I still do not want to lose my new guy as he has been a source of strength and Inspiration.

I have tried to break up with my supposed fiance since we have not even started marriage processes but my friends are telling me to look well before I make any decision.

They love my doctor friend too. They even call me lucky. It just looks like I was jazzed because I can’t still believe I accepted the said guy…. PIs I need help. Post this and let me hear other people’s advice..”


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