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Embattled man seeks advice over girlfriend who finds it difficult to say ‘no’ to other men

An embattled man has recounted how a lady he had met some years back has been finding it difficult refuse the advances of other men.
In a lengthy post, the man has narrated how he had met and began dating the lady and how he later found out about this obsession she has.

The man wrote:

“Around September 2020, there was this girl in my area, she sells foodstuffs. I usually buy from her. She is beautiful but I only buy and mind my business because I believe she should be in a serious relationship. She always dresses responsible , no make ups , always natural, I admired her and asked her why is she not married. She then told me she has a boyfriend. I kept it cool and remained a normal customer. One day, I asked her for her phone number, she gave me and I tried calling her but it didn’t go through. Then I asked her why is her phone not connecting, she then told me that her phone is bad.

We do meet everyday but don’t talk to each other except I wanna buy foodstuffs from her so after 3 weeks I tried her phone number again, same result then I confronted her to know if she gave me a wrong number. I found out that the number was correct, I then questioned her that if your phone is not working for a Month now , how do you and your boyfriend communicate and why will a girl like you who owns a big shop stay without phone for a month? She laughed and said her boyfriend does visit her in her shop , so one day her cousin sister came around. | was passing by and she called me to come see her sister , I got there she introduced me as a customer.

I was never expecting her to introduce her cousin to me , I just played along and kept it cool then her cousin sister asked me if I liked her sister , I replied yes but she has already told me she is dating someone, , later that day I offered to drop them close to their house with my Car and after that day the cousin sister came another day and I went to buy foodstuffs, I decided to talk with the cousin sister , she then told me that her sister is dating a guy who has two kids already and their family doesn’t like the guy and don’t want the guy to marry her sister , she then told me not to mind her sister and go on to date her. I saw that as a green light , and God knows I like this girl, so I so I started trying to make her mine and she later agreed after some months.

I never asked why will she be dating a man who has two kids and even wanted to marry the man. I started going out with her and noticed she was promiissccuuuous, it was hard for me to believe because she dresses like a pastors wife and very calm and cool … 100% respectful, I always advise her but she keeps denying , sometimes her attitude makes me look like I am too jealous and insecure but that’s not it. I don’t understand why she allows everyone to have her phone number , chat with them , she lies and always goes to exiles for days without coming to the shop , I was always wondering what is really the problem, the cousin sister always don’t act surprised about it.

I then did some investigation on the family and I found out that they are good , church oriented and this girl’s brother is even a pastor, then I know it may not be a problem from home who knows though , so I believe she is prommiiissscuous for some reason I don’t know , she doesn’t take money from the men, she doesn’t say no to anyone ….. after months of arguing , fighting and quarreling , whenever I break up with her , she cries and beg , she can beg me for 2 weeks , beg me in public, she tells her customers to beg me but after the forgiveness she goes back to it …. This new year 2022 I started knowing some truths and I kept it cool , I started monitoring her to know more truth.

I talked with some men who has sleeppptt with her. Many of her customers, she doesn’t do it for money, so I then confronted her and begged her to tell me the whole truth because I believe she is not normal , I promised to help her and not to leave her. She then told me that she doesn’t know how to say no to aman, if she tells them she has a boyfriend and they insist she has no option than to just let them have sx after the sx she cries and regret. She said she is very weak when it comes to rejecting a man, no matter the profile or status of the man … old and young , big and small, she says she feels like kiiillliing her self and she has attempted taakking her life 3 times , which her cousin sister confirmed to be truth.

She says whenever she see a mans dk she loses controls …., she can watch poonn and not react , she can’t hear erooottticc and not feel honnyy… She says some men will just call her on the phone and start saying erooottticc words because they know that’s her weak point ,…She says she does touch her self when she is alone and starts to remember those whom has asked her for her number and the next, then is to pray for anyone to come around then she goes out to nave ff but immediately after the sx always starts regretting and crying …. It made me remember my first and second sx with her , she cried and even blocked my number and asked me never to talk to her again …. She says she had been struggling with this for more than 11 years now.

She says she can do anything to free her self, she does everything normal but can’t control her sx life , she says small boys sleepppt with her in some uncompleted building … she says sometimes when the calls on her phone is too much from different men demanding [email protected] will just throw away her phone, and she had thrown away over 10 different phone and changed many numbers just to escape them, she says she sometimes runs away with excuses ….. she cried and collapsed during the time of making all this confession, I am very confused … I don’t know if this is spiritual or mental , I need advice and help please …. I feel so much pity for her , I do love her and I will love to help her even if we don’t get married but if she can get help I will be very grateful ..

I don’t know if this kind of problem can get help .. I very confused because I don’t know what it is… I’m sure the family is aware of this!!!!!”


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