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Man calls out parents who hand over their responsibilities to first born child

A young man with the Twitter username @uncle_sarm has addressed parents who have so many children they cannot care for and end up shifting their responsibilities to their first child.

He went on further to emphasize that parents to should only give birth to the number of children they can take care of and advised future parents to take family planning more seriously.

He said:
“There’s this thing some Parents do that should stop!!, you’ll give birth to plenty children that you can’t take care of, and then when the first child is growing up, you start announcing to him/her, “Your younger ones are in your hands”….

“Please hustle, so that you’ll take care of your younger ones”.

Like they didn’t even ask to be the first born, why did you guys give birth alot of children and you’re now putting them on their shoulders, they can’t even live a normal life just because they have younger ones to take care of.

This message goes out to future parents, you know your pocket, take family planning more seriously!!!

Give birth to children in line with your financial status, don’t give birth to alot of children and then start putting pressure on the first born.
Your first child is not responsible for fending for his/her younger ones, except maybe in a situation where God blesses them immensely, that they can handle the family’s bills.
Lives of First borns matter!!

meee I’m not the first child of my parents btw, but I’ve seen families that subject their first children be it boy or girl, to do things beyond their ability, just to fend for their younger ones.

Please let’s do better with Family planning. Thank you. “

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