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Man shows off the money he saved after taking decision to stop drinking

A young man with the Twitter username @manlikedave07 has shown off the amount of money he was able to save after taking decision to stop drinking.

He went on further that he was able to achieve this because he had quit drinking and had to stay away from friends that influenced his drinking.

He tweeted:

“This is actually a big win for me guys!! Stayed sober for 124days now..
I put 3,000 in my safe box each time I feel like drinking and am able to save these up.

SO HAPPY I CAN SAVE APPROXIMATELY 375k FROM NOT DRINKING!  Would have spent this 50k with my friends yesterday night to drink and hangout but i decided to save it all here.

For those asking for what I do, I’m in to selling of clothes at the market till a friend of mine introduced me to this telegram group where they guided me on how to invest, I joined and I’ve made more from there than I can ever imagine, you can also join.

i had to stay away from some friends that influenced my drinking, i just keep giving them excuses that work has not been great lately and i can’t hangout with them rn, this has really helped me focus and i was able to achieve what I wanted find lastly one of my greatest breakthroughs was crypto, I’m into crypto and I found out about Kucoin, i registered on there and i traded using P2P. It’s zero to no risk, made $500 by just trading on there, you can use this link also to register “

Read his tweets below:


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