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It feels like I lost myself to a ghost – Lady laments after falling victim of [email protected]

A young Nigerian lady has narrated heartbreaking story of how she was [email protected] by a guy who was asking her out.

According to her, the guy seemed kind and friendly which was why she let her guard down but ended up regretting it.

She wrote:
“It still feels like a dream, like I lost myself to a ghost.

I’m not a fan of going out, but I have to go out to hustle. My mum is a single mum & she tries her best so i have no choice but to do my best too. Because of this hustle life I’ve never really had time to date which in a way is a blessing.

On this day I went to the island to assist my family friend in planning a party, one of my many hustles. That was how I met this guy at the lobby of the hotel where my friend lodged. He came up to me & asked for my number, he looked really good & calm so | gave him my number. The day after, he called me & we talked for a long time, he was very good at carrying conversations & I liked that.

We talked everyday & a few days later i went back to the island to meet my family friend as she was travelling that night & wanted to give me some things. When i arrived, we gisted for a while until it was time for her to leave for the airport.

I wanted us to share a ride since i lived on the mainland & she was heading to the airport. She refused & asked me to spend the night at the hotel because she didn’t want her money to waste as her booking hadn’t expired.

I agreed, it was a nice place & I could just relax by myself. Not long after, the guy texted me & I wondered how he knew I was on the On”

He begged me to go on a date with him that night & I obliged because i was bored in that room by myself. We met up at the hotel entrance which was where we had met the first time.

We went to a restaurant & I shared my live location with one of my close friends. After dinner he tried to offer me a drink but I refused because I’m a light weight, I know I can’t hold my alcohol. Then he became angry that i refused to drink, he didn’t say anything but i could tell by the way his demeanour changed. He paid for our food & excused himself to the restroom.

Minutes had passed & he hadn’t come back, when it was almost an hour, I called him & it turned out he had left me there. He claimed he had an emergency but didn’t have the decency to let me know.

I simply went back my free room at the hotel. I didn’t hear from him for days & then one afternoon he called me that he had to travel for a few months & begged to see me. I met up with him on the island & he apologised for how things went down, he was even on the verge of tears that I felt so bad & asked him to stop begging. After the reconciliation he invited me out for drinks & i refused that I didn’t drink so he said no problem, that we should go for his friend’s party instead.

Probably the worst decision of my life. When we go to the party, | met his friends although one looked rather familiar & it seemed like he was avoiding me so i couldn’t get a good look at him. Anyways, he told me to loosen up, it was a party & i could drink a little that he was there, & assured me he was going to look after me.

I felt I knew him enough & with the way he had begged me earlier, I gave in & had a little drink. I remember drinking very little but the effects felt so strong & I couldn’t understand why. When he noticed i was feeling weird, he took me to a room to cool off & get myself together.

I opened WhatsApp to try a WhatsApp call & that was when I saw a text from him which said he thought i was joking about being a virgin, & that he thanks me because he won the bet easily.

That he had placed a bet with that guy | said looked familiar but i couldn’t get a very good look at him the night before.

He looked familiar because he had moved to me before but i turned him down, so they placed a bet to see who could get me first. I can’t fully explain what i felt in that moment but one thing I remember is feeling like i was losing my mind, like | was going mad.

Turns out the name he gave me wasn’t his real name, that wasn’t his main phone number & the house where the party held wasn’t even his friend’s house.

Just like that, this guy was gone like the wind. I had to go home & face my family that day but i couldn’t tell them the truth. I had to come up with lies because who was going to believe me? Until now I have never seen him online or in real life, I’ve tried moving on but it still feels like i lost myself to a ghost.”

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