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March Madness Betting Strategies

The month of March is one of the biggest months of the year for sports bettors as the NCAA Basketball Tournament takes place throughout the month. This is not only one of the biggest events in the world, but it’s also a great time to make some extra cash.

Forget about filling out a March Madness bracket, and instead focus on beating the sportsbooks with some bets. There is plenty of random luck involved with filling out a bracket, but you won’t need luck when betting on the NCAA Tournament.

You can’t just randomly place bets on March Madness and expect to win, but developing a strategy is the way to go. Here are some of the best March Madness betting strategies to use for the upcoming NCAA Tournament.


Don’t Forget About Underdogs

THe NCAA Tournament is known as March Madness for a reason and that is due to the unpredictable nature of the event. This is a tournament that typically sees a large number of upsets and you need to use that to your advantage when betting.

Betting on an underdog is always a solid play because the potential payout is going to be much larger than simply betting on a favorite. Now, you have to be smart about which upsets you are wagering on, but that is where your research will come in.

If you can find a couple of underdogs that you really trust then it would be an even better move to throw them into a parlay to receive a monster payout with just one wager.

Look at Different Betting Types

Another key strategy that you want to use when betting on March Madness is to look at a number of different betting types. This is important throughout the entire college basketball season, but you are going to find more opportunities during March Madness.

Sportsbooks understand that bettors are looking for any type of action they can find on the NCAA Tournament and you might even see some new options become available. Before you place any wagers, you need to explore all of the possible betting types to ensure that you have found the best option.

You might end up finding that placing a spread or moneyline bet is the best way to go, but you at least need to give the other options a look before making a final decision.

Bet the Games Live

Another great way to bet on March Madness is to place a wager while the games are going on. Live betting has emerged as a popular betting type, and it’s also a great way to win some money while betting on college basketball.

The biggest reason for making an in-play wager is the fact that you can sometimes find some very favorable odds. You will have to make decisions quickly, but you can take advantage of good odds if you are prepared before the games start.

Make A Futures Bet

Before the NCAA Tournament even begins, go ahead and make a Futures bet on a team that you think will win the National Championship. If you have some additional money in your bankroll then it might be a wise move to bet on multiple teams to win a title.

The reason for making a futures bet is that there is a good chance for a big payout if the team you are backing ends up winning a title. This isn’t always the case if you are backing a big favorite, but you are still going to be seeing a solid return.

Follow the Action

The last betting strategy to use is probably the most enjoyable as this is when you actually get to sit down and watch the games. Watching the games isn’t going to win you any money at the time, but it can help you make some good betting decisions for the future.

When you are watching the games, you need to be looking for certain tendencies from teams. You are then going to want to use that information moving forward to help make your predictions. There is more research that will have to be done, but watching the games closely is a great way to start.


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