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Man narrates sad experience with his absentee father

A human rights activist identified as Kato on Twitter has revealed how he grew up with an absentee father.

According to him, his father who had a high paying job was hardly ever present in the lives of him and his siblings, but his mother who has a lesser paying job was always present.

However, years later, his father came back trying to make amends but they no longer have interest in being close to him.

He tweeted:

“Dad had the better job & he was hardly ever present but my mum was our provider. With her meagre lecturer earnings she gave us all she could & borrowed to give us more- AND SHE WAS PRESENT.
You people are very wicked for discrediting mums because u want to continue in uselessness

When my dad finally retired, he wanted to do family things with the family but the family had moved on. His attempts made us uncomfortable. If he enters a room, we empty up one by one.

It get extremely lonely for men at the end of their lives.

Omo anytime we were going somewhere was hell. We chop insult for motor tire. If somebody drives recklessly past us, he would look for a way to relate it to us and insult us. Our eye see pepper o. Can’t believe I’m just talking about this. 😪😪

My mother was a providing and present parent. And a kind one too. Ehen

When my mother was being buried, you wld think it was a politician; The cemetery was full.

Strangers were coming to ask me what they will do with their lives now that mummy Kato is dead.

My mother made time for her 4 children & also for hundreds of others who called her mother.

Till today, if I post about Cecilia Kato, someone must show up to tell me how my mother was a mother to them and she was a blessing to their life.

She made time for everyone and we all felt like she was our best friend.

Na so life suppose be.”

Reacting to this, @engeezxgraphics wrote:
“If working ass off and paying bills is the extent of parenting one can give, make the person jeje no born. To born no dey compulsory. If you can’t make out time no matter how small to build a r/ship and be available emotionally and otherwise with the kids you chose to have, e bad

Lmao. Whether you work or not, you gats spend time with your kids. It’s not the quantity of time, but quality. I was raised by a uniform man, wey dem dey always transfer here and there; didn’t live in the same state, still somehow managed to be there. It’s doable and very vital”

See his post below:


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