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Nigerian lady laments after her plans to leave the country almost landed her in trouble

A young lady has narrated what transpired between her and Oyibo colleague when she was so desperate to leave Nigeria.

She revealed that she got invited to hang out with her Oyibo colleague and his friend but things ended up not as she imagined.

She wrote:
“Of all my japa plans, this was definitely the worst one yet.

I’m going to be as vague as possible because I have a lot to lose if anyone deduces that I’m the one in this story. A little bit about me so you can understand how I found myself in this situation. I’m a local girl, there’s no sugarcoating it but I’m smart & determined, & when it comes to packaging, I can do that very well. it was my intelligence & packaging that got me into such a big company & I was determined to rise to the top. This was before the japa wave, because my main mission for the last 3 years has been to relocate but i can’t afford to at this point.

I started processing for Canada but nothing was happening there & I didn’t want to put my eggs in one basket so I was applying to jobs in Europe & had received so many rejections. School wasn’t an option because there was no way i could afford the bills with my <200k monthly salary.

Like I said my company is big, but the pay is still bad. However, the people at the top earn really well. I tried a few scholarship opportunities for school but nothing had panned out yet so I started specifically looking for foreign men or Nigerian men with dual citizenship.

You can judge me but deep down many people are doing the same. The company in question works with a lot of foreign clients & I got it into my head that I could actually get lucky with one of these men. These foreign clients also have levels, obviously based on the money we’re making from them. Senior Associates & above typically handle these clients but the opportunity for me to work with one of these clients arose & i was determined to shine.

This particular client was a white man probably in his early 40s by my estimation but I may be wrong, this was the closest interaction I was having with a white man.

I lived on the mainland & my office was on the island, my entire life had been on the mainland. It was this job that brought me to the island 5 days a week, even then i didn’t know a lot of places because I would typically go back to the mainland after work. I’ve been out of school for almost 3 years but I’ve been working at this company for a little over a year. Now that you have background information, let’s get back to my opportunity to work with this foreign client. He always came with his associate who was a Nigerian man, also around the same age. Let’s call the white man Frank & the Nigerian man Adeleke. Frank always seemed so nice & flirtatious but I wasn’t complaining. One day we got the opportunity to talk alone without Adeleke or my colleagues being present. it was brief but it was enough time for him to jokingly suggest we go out sometime & ask for my number.

I have never released my number quicker. We started talking but it was awkward for me, half the time i was laughing with no idea what this man was saying. It wasn’t even the accent it was just how different we were, generation, nationality, race, financial status etc. Is it not to laugh again? Anything to be rescued from this bondage. He invited me to dinner but it wasn’t going to be just the two of us. He had a couple of expatriate friends & they were going to be having dinner at some fancy place on the island. I felt a bit uncomfortable so I asked if I could bring my friend. He asked if it was a female friend & I said yes & he replied “the more the merrier’. I was already thinking of how different Oyinbo men were because if it was Emeka from Agungi now, he’ll be on Twitter telling the world I brought my friend to eat free food. The night of the dinner I showed up with my friend, let’s call her Amara.

She also wanted to mingle with foreign men so it wasn’t hard convincing her to come with me. We got to the dinner & his friends were mostly Lebanese with one black man who was from Cameroon. The menu was so confusing, we had no idea what the food was so we just ordered anything. Omo, when the food came it wasn’t edible & | don’t think it was because we were local babes. It just had a weird taste so Amara & I just played around with the food & picked out the meat & kept drinking our drinks. After the dinner we were still so hungry but Frank & one of his friends from the dinner, let’s call him Amal said they wanted to go somewhere else for more drinks. We didn’t think this through & you’ll find out why shortly. We lived on the mainland & had nowhere on the island to go back to, so we just kept following Frank wherever he wanted to go, with hopes that we’ll be able to crash at his place afterwards. The place we went for drinks also had mostly foreigners & everyone was just smoking cigarettes left & right. Eventually, it was time to go back to Frank’s house & Amal was coming with us.

I wondered why but it wasn’t my business. We got back to Frank’s house & before we could settle in, he said his other friend was coming. At this point Amara & I were tired & so hungry & we just wanted to sleep the hunger away. I told Frank we were hungry & tired & he told me not to worry that his chef would make something for us later. The friend finally arrived & it was his associate Adeleke. I was very uncomfortable because i didn’t want anyone else to know that we were linking up outside work. Then Adeleke brought out something & it was coca*ne. I didn’t know whether to feel comfortable because he was doing something illegal so there was assured mutual destruction if anyone at my work found out about me & Frank. They all did the coke & even offered us but we declined. Amara & i were just looking at ourselves because we knew lowkey we’d bitten off more than we could chew.

I stood up & asked Frank where the room we could stay was since we were tired & didn’t want to participate in the dr*gs. He stood up as if he was coming to show me the room & grabbed me instead. He was like it’s Friday night, he thought Nigerian women were fun. This is where everything took a weird turn. He asked Amara & I if we wanted to dance to entertain them & I said no. He said he was going to join us so it wouldn’t be weird, I replied that i don’t dance. At this point I messaged Amara to order Uber/Bolt to our house on the mainland. Even if it was very late & unsafe, because this place was fast becoming unsafe for us too. When I said I don’t dance, he said okay & asked us to sit on the couch opposite so he can at least admire our beauty. We did that & then Amal whispered something in Frank’s ear before Frank asked us to kiss each other. We looked at them in disgust & confusion & said we don’t do that. He was like he thought we were close friends blah blah. At this point Adeleke who’d been really quiet got up angrily & told us to stop wasting their time.

Frank interjected & calmed him down then told us they wanted to see us touch each other & they were going to watch before having sex with us, all three of them & we were going to be compensated. We immediately got up & started walking towards the door. I was like “no thank you”. What i wanted was even bigger than any money they could give us, unless it was enough to pay international tuition & living expenses. I didn’t say that but that’s what i was thinking. Once again Adeleke started yelling that we should get out & turned to Frank & Amal that he will get “better girls here in less than 30 minutes”, then picked up his phone like he was calling someone. They laughed & cheered him on as we left. Amara was just whispering “blood of Jesus, Niké which kind thing be dis” let’s say my name is Niké. We hadn’t been able to get any ride yet, the one we got had cancelled when he heard where we were headed. It seemed Adeleke was talking to his driver to go pick up some girls from somewhere as we were walking outside the compound.

The driver immediately entered the car to drive out & we stopped him to ask if he could drop us somewhere more central but he said no, that his oga had camera inside the car. We sat there in front of the gate for a while, we didn’t want to wait inside the compound incase they locked us in. We were already grateful we were able to leave without a struggle. We eventually gave up on going home because no driver was willing to do that trip & decided to get a ride to a club in Vi. We ended up staying at the club & taking turns dozing off until the club started emptying out in the’ morning, then we got an Uber to take us home. The first thing we did when we got home was to download bread & beans then sleep before recounting our experience & thanking God for our lives. The worst part of all this was i still had to work with Frank & Adeleke but we all acted like that night didn’t happen. The thing i don’t understand was why Adeleke our Nigerian “brother” treated us with the most disregard. The meet-a-foreign-man to japa plan has now been put on hold indefinitely. I’m holding out for Canada now that things are moving again.”

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