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“Some mothers-in-law are so mean”- Lady laments as she shares heartbreaking story

A young lady identified as @omi_igboo has revealed how her mother-in-law treated her barely 5 days after giving birth.

She narrated that after 5 days of giving birth, she had already resumed her house chores because her mother-in-law didn’t want to lift a finger.

She tweeted:
“What some mother In laws do is not fair. How can your sons wife give birth.
You came to do omugwo for her
But she is the one cooking and cleaning and doing chores at home, new mom that’s meant to be resting . Nawa

Omugwo is for rest for the mom not only to hold baby. The mil is the one meant to be cleaning and cooking and washing so that the girl can be resting . That’s why it’s called omugwo. She won’t go to her daughters house and the daughter will be working Nawa o

She is not aged : my mom is 50 . Is that aged? Which one is only come to carry baby? It’s omugwo any one who knows the real meaning knows what it entails . Make she stay for her house I can carry my baby”

Reacting to her post, @keitha_jay wrote:
“My mom cooking, cleaning and washing? No nah, biko she is here to enjoy the fruit of her labor and cuddle her grandchildren EOD.”

@thebrand0ma wrote:
“To be honest mom’s shouldn’t do chores and carry baby. I almost had an issue with my mom after my first baby, the same way I thought she should clean and do baby chores. The Omugwo is for mom and baby, chores shouldn’t be for mom at all. Hubby should do it or outsource

And some Moms loves to do all the chores, like they don’t mind. But it can be draining, cause doing chores and still holding baby while you sleep you might see Mom sleeping as wellwell 😊, instead of being all active and rested to help with baby

And another thing is, as a new mom there’s a part of you that now wants things a certain way in your space cause you now have a little one, so if mom does the chores the way she can, you might have issues complaining without them feeling insulted.”

See her tweet below;


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