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Young lady tearfully recalls how all her properties got stolen at a club

A young model has recounted how her properties were stolen when she attended a party at a night club.

She had kept her properties in her friend’s car but when she went to get something from her bag, she saw a strange man in the car.

However, the situation didn’t ring a bell as she thought he was a friend to her friend.

When she went back to the club, she told her friend about the person she met in the car and he he told her that he came alone.

She wrote:
“I was working a couple of modelling gigs and living part time with my aunty in Ikoyi. I was invited for a runway gig where i ended up running into my friend and we had a great time. I got a new pair of heels which i wore for only a few hours. 

My friend Fisayo suggested we celebrate how good we did on the runway and | agreed. We met up with two other of my friends Christy and Moyo, I was so happy and turnt. At 3:30am Fisayo said we should leave and head home or we could go to hers for some wine, but i declined and chose to stay back and party with Moyo and Christy.

She asked if i was sure, and i said yes, so I followed her to get my bag from her car before she left. My new pair of heels were in my bag along with my bible, a change of clothes and my wallet. I put my bag in Moyo’s car before going back to the club to drink some more. I was so happy and intoxicated, but after a while I needed to get something from my bag, so i took Moyo’s car keys and went downstairs with Christy.

When we got down to Moyo’s car, the door was open, but it didn’t register that anything was wrong because we had been drinking.

There was a guy sitting in the car with his head bent down, slightly leaning on his hand. So, I said “Hey men, are you good? Do you have a headache? I know right, the music is so loud, you should stay here.” i continued talking to him, telling him i only came to get something from my bag and advised him to chill, that we were heading back into the club.

We got back, we danced for a few seconds then I remembered Moyo’s friend was in the car. I told Moyo his friend was in the car and he was confused and said he came alone.

It was at that moment Christy and i realized the guy in the car was a stranger and he was bending his head to hide his face. I had a conversation with this barawo, pretty much gave him consent to rob us and even alerted him to my handbag in the car. We all quickly went downstairs and realized he had broken into the car from the driver’s seat, then made his way to the back.

I was so devastated, but i didn’t know what to say so I was so quiet. Moyo asked the boys around who was supposedly guarding the cars in that area, as you know people guard cars outside the club for a fee.

Moyo ended up getting mad and punching the guy in charge of the cars in that area and of course people started gathering. I couldn’t believe after dancing to don’t dull, this was how the night ended.

The head of security gave us his number and asked us to come back when the sun was up. Moyo felt bad for me because i lost all my stuff and rolled me a blunt to get better which got me even higher. At some point | was singing Bob Marley’s don’t worry, talking to prostitutes on the road, asking them if they were okay and telling them how they just stole my bag.

By 10am in the morning I went back there and they asked me to list out everything I lost and estimate the cost. I told them the estimated cost was 100k, but they said they could only get out 15k from the guy who was tasked with watching over that area. We focused on him because obviously he must’ve been bribed, why else would he miss someone breaking into a car under his protection? 15k wasn’t even a quarter of what i had lost but I had no choice. Everything in my bag was gone including the bag and I didn’t get paid for the runway gig.”

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