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“I cannot forgive this” – Man in tears after finding out his wife is sleeping with her ex lover

A man has lamented bitterly online after finding out that his wife is cheating on him with her previous lover.

In a message sent anonymously to a social media page that discusses matters of the heart, he expressed how he felt since he found out that his wife had been deceiving him.

A part of his message read:

“I’m not disappointed in her sir, I’m disappointed in myself. I am disappointed in the fact that I couldn’t reason like any other man should. With what I’ve seen, the marriage is over. I can’t forgive this. I’ve never cheated on my wife sir.

Never have I even thought of it. We both discuss faithfulness in marriage and she speaks as if she’ll never have anything to do with an outsider. It even scares me cuz I feel it may cost my marriage. The way this woman has made me feel stupid hurts me even more than the fact that she sleeps with her precious lover. If I’d met them yesterday, she would be d*ad by now. Her lucky a*s saved her but she’ll face my wrath.”

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