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Lady divorces husband one month into marriage because he insisted she signs off her inheritance to him

Ikenna Nzimora, a Nigerian man, has taken to the microblogging platform, Twitter to share an intriguing tale about a short-lived marriage.

He claimed that the wife of a female friend was being asked to give her inheritance to her husband, but she was uncomfortable with the idea and divorced him.

Nzimora said the lady lost her father and he left his mansion in Ikoyi, Lagos state for her in his will, and not long after, she met the man she married.

They dated for four months, however, a month into the marriage, her husband and his family started putting pressure on her to sign off the house to him as the Head of the house.

She apparently declined and subsequently their marriage crashed as a result of the disagreement.

Nzimora wrote; ”I have a friend whose Dad left a house for in Ikoyi.

Well she met this trenches guy, they got married in 4 months and within the 1st month of marriage, he and his family were pressuring her to sign over the house to him as “Head of House”.

They’re sha divorced now.”

Read some comments below..

@Chimsky1; General advice. Male or female. Very dangerous to marry someone in a much lower class.

Jealousy. Spite. That mentality of lack… From the get go, your spouse’s family will despise you simply because you come from a family that has something they want.

@puffypearl; And this is why I will die on the hill that as a lady, you don’t have to declare your assets to your partner. All would have been well if he didn’t know she owned the house 🤷🏻‍♂️

@Odogwu_Nomso; She did not arrest him? He thinks he is Headmaster 😭

@gisthaphy; You needed to see how my heart was beating after the 2nd paragraph. I just heaved a sigh of relief afterwards. That guy is MAAAAAAADDDD!

@Ugo_Joseph; That’s why trenches people should marry trenches people. And upper class Nigerians should marry each other. Nothing is as vicious as a trencher finding his way/ her way into a family with some level of wealth. Their gutter and desperados mentality will make them do all sorts

@Kingdave321; One thing most people fail to realize is that greed will make u loose everything at the end even the little one u stand go gain u go loose am,😅 so sense did not tell that man that since na en wife get am automatically that property belongs to their children abi? Now en offspring.


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