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Bikini photos of the sexiest woman alive goes viral (See Photos)


Oh, we can’t forget about this one … 



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  1. JSintheStates says

    A snapshot, not even a photograph, of a woman in a bikini went viral? Is the demographic here 12 year old boys? Did everyone encounter some sort of mass emotional suppession that reverted them back to pre-pubescents? You boys need to get a life, or a real girl friend!

  2. Pounce lombard says

    I think this is just a demonstration of how language degrades over time. Take "gate" being applied to scandals for instance. Initially adding "gate" to a keyword meant corruption at the highest level. Now it's applied to "Apple Watch doesn't work very well on the wrists of people dopey enough to get their wrists tattooed". Hardly a scandal.

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