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21 Athletes who’ve slept with porn stars – #1 will shock you! (With Pictures)

Athletes you didn't know dated porn stars

Athletes who’ve slept with porn stars – Given that the adult entertainment business is so massive (bigger than the entire GDP of many nations), maybe it’s time that the stigma go away. After all, the ladies featured in these videos generally make decent money (despite the extremely short careers that many of them experience), and while some may object to the content, the market is there, it loves the product and neither one is going anywhere.


My logic may be taking a bit of a stretch here, but adult entertainment really isn’t that different from the world of sports. The differences are obvious, but at the end of the day both sports and “the entertainment” include fit individuals, “exercising” for the entertainment of others. Both industries pay fairly well, and at the end of the day, the really big paychecks are going to the team/studio owners, not the performers themselves.

While some athletes use performance enhancing drugs and questionable training techniques, some adult starlets get surgical enhancements. Of course, PEDs result in bans and fines, while surgical mods usually lead to more fans. The similarities and parallels are there between the two businesses, and given that they both include fit, usually attractive individuals with tons of energy, it is not surprising that athletes and adult starlets sometimes shack up. Here are twenty-one athletes you didn’t know shacked up, or were rumored to have shacked up, with adult stars.

21. Jeff Heuerman and Lisa Ann – Rumor


Unless you’re a die-hard Denver Broncos fan or a follower of the Ohio State Buckeyes, you may not know who Jeff Heuerman is. A tight end, he was taken in the third round of the 2015 NFL draft, but due to a torn ACL, missed all of 2015. Back in 2014, after a convincing Buckeyes 66-0 win over Kent State, Heuerman Tweeted a picture of himself and legendary cougar Lisa Ann(you’ll all know her well by the end of this list). While it is unknown exactly what happened between the two, the obvious rumors began to circulate among college football fans.



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