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Ladies: 10 types and shapes of pen1ses and how they can satisfy you



The name for this shape is obvious. This kind of penis is shaped just like a banana, they usually bend downward when erect. Now ladies, you need to be careful with this one, they are very deceptive, because when they are erected, it appears small due to the bending nature but when it gets in there, you could be surprised at the length it can go. So be very careful if you want to go doggy on this one, because you might not walk home properly.

The best position for this kind of penis is the missionary position. Due to it’s bending nature and the angle the clitoris is located, it will surely be rubbing against your sweet bud throughout the thrusting. It also has the tendency of hitting the G-Spot due to it’s bending nature.

Woman on top is also another position that best suits this type of penis.



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